New Year's message from Master Maitreya

        I have been asked many times by many people:

"what is the purpose of our life on this earth plane?,

"why are we here?"

"what are we here for?"


You are here, I say to them: You are here to work out your Karma. And to enjoy Life lessons which hopefully will enable you to grow as a soul.

Each one of you has chosen your Life, your incarnation. Each one of you is here to live that life, that incarnation. So many souls do not pay attention to their own lessons, but they try and help others, not realizing that they have their own blueprint to deal with. Yet far too many interfere (in the muse of helping others) in other peoples', in other's souls lives. Over many incarnations there have been imperfections in your life experiences.  Many would call them negative experiences-- but they are not negative experiences, they are Life lessons which need to be turned into joyful and positive options. For so many souls, they live in misery and unhappiness. They think this is what they have to suffer. "this is my lot," they say and I say: What a lot of rubbish! There is not ONE soul that has to live a miserable existence. YOU MAKE THE CHOICE! YOU  MAKE THE CHOICE to live that miserable existence! That choice is Yours, and yours ALONE.

It is usually compounded, created, the belief: this is what I should have to put up with, it is not True. Imperfections they are not negative:       ".......This is what I should have to live?" 

If humanity could understand the law of metaphysics, they would make their life SO much better. They would look at life in a different way. People would KNOW how to turn negative into the positive. Souls would know how to turn the negative into the positive. How you look at this situation, How you approach it is THE KEY. you can either say woe is me, poor me, I am suffering terribly, and you will do so because what you say is what you create -- or you can say, "what an experience! I step out of fear...and your life becomes better, more enriched, more Abundant. Along your life path, teachers come. Teachers come to help you: they come in the guise of family, experiences, friends. So often you hate these people. They threaten your comfort Zone.

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