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So, I guess you're here because a) you don't know me and for some strange reason, are here anyway b) you're currently one of my friends who want to laugh at what I have to say about myself.  Have fun, read on...

At the core I'm an artist, although it's buried under several layers of having to make my practical way in the world. A network engineer since 1988, I doodle a lot in meetings to keep the right side of my brain from distracting the left side. I loved my job but missed filling my life with spontaneous creative-types. I moved from Boston to Northern California where I found more artistic support and allowance of diversity than in Boston. At least in my field (network technology) most of my co-workers are intelligent. If you're a friend wondering what I've been up to all this time, check out my fave places .

on the set with Leo.


with Matt at the Christmas party 2000  ...and now, gone wild in 2004 in Sonoma at Armstrong Woods

I don't have much stuff. In fact most of my furniture is recycled from other people's lives - given to me or bought 2nd hand. Living without attachment to stuff gives me freedom to move around the world without wondering how the lawn is doing-but that said, I try to make my interior spaces aesthetically pleasing.

An orb in my room. Hi little guy.  My artistic Dot wants to meet you.

      My ideal space would be a secluded house in the midst of a forest. Perhaps Costa Rica?  Many windows and much interior light with total privacy. The decor would be a showcase of Asian antiquities from Japan and Indonesia with modernist furniture and some well traveled British-colonial pieces thrown in to keep it from feeling too much like the wire monkey in that experiment. 


Home Up

esoteric notes on my soft orientation in this incarnation:

Soft are the interactors.  The individuals that manifest within the orientation of soft, you shall generally not view them to be singular, and if they are creating singularity in their focus, they shall be experiencing much conflict, for this is an expression outside of their orientation and shall also be outside of their intent in alignment with their orientation ... although I may also express to you that your intent is different from your orientation.

In this, individuals that we classify as soft view their perception outwardly and inwardly.  They are creating outwardly, and they are also focusing inwardly.  Their focus inwardly is slightly different from intermediate.  Intermediate focuses its attention through its perception inwardly objectively.  Soft holds an element of its attention in creating its reality quite subjectively.  Its inward focus is not entirely objective, but is subsequently translated into a type of objective awareness ... not entirely.

These individuals shall experience quite commonly elements of their reality that are quite surprising to them, for they are creating subjectively — focusing an element of their attention subjectively — and they are allowing a translation objectively, without necessarily creating a communication objectively between the objective and the subjective.  Therefore, in their creations, they seem to be creating elements in their reality that “pop into” their reality.  They appear before them.  They surprise themselves!

These individuals are very interactive.  Now; let me clarify in this area.  Individuals that hold the orientation of soft shall be interactive throughout their focus with other individuals.  They shall also experience a draw to nature, as you term this to be, and all other elements of your reality, your universe, for they ARE so very interactive.

In this, you may not necessarily identify them by the relationships that they choose.  Some individuals that choose the orientation of soft may not choose to be within a romantic relationship.

Therefore, you may confuse yourselves in your thought process as you are identifying these three orientations to yourselves, and you may express to yourself, “Ah!  This individual is obviously intermediate, for this individual has not held a romantic relationship with another individual throughout their focus.  Therefore, they are singular.”  But that same individual may hold many relationships that you term to be friendships, and may also hold a relationship in the area of family that is continued throughout the focus.

I am not expressing that these individuals are creating of merely one type of interaction, but that they shall be interactive continuously with other individuals throughout their focus.  They shall not be the individuals that you identify as hermits.

They are quite playful.  They also are quite expressive.  They may be emotionally expressive; they may be creatively expressive.  But as they are so very interactive, it holds importance to them that their expressiveness is appreciated and noticed by other individuals.  They shall not be your wallflowers!

Another very strong expression of this particular orientation is the draw to be interactive with other individuals continuously.

Now; in difference to the other two orientations, this particular orientation manifests in a direction that moves very purposefully and intentionally in conjunction with other individuals, and in this, if you are an individual that holds the orientation of soft and you are isolating yourself or not allowing yourself interactions with other individuals in relationships and in intimate relationships, you shall be experiencing confusion and conflict and distress, for you are moving contrary to your individual natural expression.

The other two orientations move within any particular focus and may be functioning within their focus in conjunction with another individual, OR they may be creating their focus singularly — objectively — if they are so choosing, and this shall not be creating of great conflict within their focus.  But within the orientation of soft, as it is designed to be very interactive with other individuals and is objectively very interconnected with all other individuals upon your planet, it is quite contrary to their nature, in a manner of speaking, to be isolating.

Individuals holding an orientation of soft shall find that they are experiencing more of an emotional expression in conjunction with mass events.  They may view themselves to be affected, in their terms, in varying degrees, but many times quite strongly, for this particular orientation lends itself — within that particular creation of perception — to involvement of the individual and all of your world.   One of the expressions or components of this orientation of soft is your responsiveness to mass events, but this is merely one expression.  It is an obvious expression that may be easily identified — in difference to the other two orientations (common and intermediate)— which may be offering you more ease in allowing yourself the identification of soft.  But as I have expressed, this is merely one area of natural expression of this particular orientation. This particular orientation is very interactive.  Therefore, it also is quite affected.


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