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Ariella's  5th Birthdaypikamarch.gif (9806 bytes)
                        April 30, 2005
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AriHugKalani_72Cropped.jpg (246931 bytes)
Giving Kalani a hug


Kalani finds Charizard interesting Batter up

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This shot reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting. Issac makes a puppet

        HorseSwing_72.jpg (56431 bytes)
Sienna Hammock Fun
DianaBeckyKatie_72.jpg (141616 bytes) ThomasFamily2005_72.jpg (155892 bytes)
Diana, Becky, and Katie  Family portrait 2005
AriWithPikachu_72.jpg (149308 bytes) IssacAndAriella_72.jpg (157681 bytes)
Ariella, Pikachu and Sienna Issac and Ari  "He's HILARIOUS!" - Ari
IssacAriSienna_72.jpg (114356 bytes) Ari_drawing_72.jpg (149044 bytes)
BFF   Before the guests arrive
Take a look at Katie's photos    Thanks Katie! s
OpeningPresents_72.jpg (129689 bytes) Backyard_72.jpg (173766 bytes)
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TracyAtTable_72.jpg (157788 bytes) AriellaSiennaTable_72.jpg (131157 bytes)
Issac, Ariella, Justin, Tracy , Trey, Serena, Siena Ari and Siena
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"It was a perfect day, dad." Ariportrait_Web.jpg (70026 bytes)

  - Ariella after the guest had gone