September 17-19  2007 

Taos, USA
(New Mexico)

Over 26 countries represented by 650 Shaumbra from all over the world Before the opening ceremony

Why are we there? Read the transcripts of Tobias speaking to our group from the other side of the veil.
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Local flavor: Tuk!


Sowing wild oats with Tuktak Oteio in Taos.  Uh, I mean wild OATMEAL, heh. 

Patricia and Tracy  representing our Northern CA Shaumbra: Sebastopol local Group


Theresa and friends  Representing Portland and Finland


Of course I'd have a picture of the network engineering


Aztec Dancers: Rain Dance, eh?  A little late!  It's ok, We're non-linear! Taos  Rainbow

Ruth Janelle (Dreamwalker Extraordinaire) and friends