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The term Shaumbra Youth Academy represents a vision of New Energy education. Tobias tells us that there is a lot of energy behind this vision, on both sides of the veil.  This new educational system will address the inadequacies in the current school system.  He advises us not to try and change the system from within. It is too stuck in old consciousness ways.  Tobias recommends setting the standard or the example first, which will be adapted later by the existing schools.

The young children who have not been on Earth before, the ones sometimes called the Crystals,  especially need to maintain their balance and clarity. Modern New Energy school systems will recognize this. Tobias urges the Shaumbra Institute to begin in places that are ripe for such experimental education such as Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico and then expand into the Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania and Norway.

Funding can seem overwhelming, but remember that we have the love and support of Shaumbra. Gifting, creating a separate foundation, or making an appeal or offering to the public can all help.


Modern Education has its foundation in COMMUNICATION. Founded around the time of the printing press, information started to become available to the masses. It was mostly religious. But to understand these beautiful principals, one would need the ability to read.  Slowly throughout Europe people began to learn to read. As consciousness expanded, there was less need to live in a rural community. Production became more efficient,  and people moved into the cities. The importance of communicating - schooling - became a higher priority, eventually a necessity.  The government intervened and demanded that all children go to school. There was resistance at first, but then parents realized that they had a built in baby-sitter. They could send their children off to be cared for by somebody else.  Now in more advanced countries you find that both the mother and father go to work. The students are subject to a rigid system, one of rules and tests. A system that imposes a tremendous burden on the teacher. There is pressure to perform within very defined guidelines. 

With the combination of the pace of our world today, schools are a prime breeding ground for the sexual energy virus.  It shows up in a myriad of ways. You are seeing it in the shootings in the schools. You see it in gangs acting out. There is tremendous pressure and it has to give somewhere. Parents and teachers are desperate for a solution but can not agree on how to do it. They are at burdened by budget constraints, laws, rules, restrictions so that the system has frozen. It is not moving or expanding. When energy is not allowed to expand, it tends to blow up, which is what is happening in the classrooms.

In our society today there are a few basic goals of education.

1. Find a place to care for the students so that the parents can go off to work
2. Groom the students for getting a job

In the current educational system, creativity is not taught. When there is budget crunch, what are the first programs to go? Art. Music. Dance. Theater. The creative arts. And this is not just taking away the time to paint, it is essentially taking away students' ability to invent. Students in schools today are not creative. They are following very limited guidelines.

And there is a student rebellion against this! Students today don't even want the jobs of their parents, because they realize there is so much more than a cubical. But they're lost. They are without leadership or guidance.

In the New Energy the basic principals or tenants of education are different:

1. Communications  (teach language, clarity in thought and dreams)
2. Interrelations  (teach how to deal with other humans, cooperation, how to function in a group, self knowledge by comparison)
3. Calculation  (teach knowledge of time-space, history, reasoning regarding potentials, science, mathematics and TECHNOLOGY. Technology as the tool to tap into the library of Earth through the Internet)
4.  Creation! (using the first 3 skills to focus creative energy) 

The basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic are seen as stepping stones into creative activity, not the main focus. The core curriculum supports the creators.  The bridge between the core elements and creative endeavor is the work of the Shaumbra instructors. Once they are trained in these, open it up to the student- use imagination play skills. Sitting together in a small group and a facilitator who says "Let's just imagine..." . Can you imagine this going on in the overpopulated classrooms with a over-stressed teacher?  But in the right setting it is highly developmental.

We envision very small classrooms with 10-15 students of a mixed variety of ages. No forced placement based on age. Parental support at home and in the classroom for reading, writing and arithmetic and technology. Parents need to have a roll. There is not a lot of direct interaction now. In our system the teacher, the student and the parent are all cooperating in this process. The parents can participate in the homework, in the home portion. It is an active roll.

Students would not have to be at a certain place at a certain time as currently defined. Students would meet "on occasion"  in the physical reality inside (and outside) the classroom. They would use the Internet as a tool to learn and to grow.  During the week we would meet via the Internet. There could be meetings with other Shaumbra students in other parts of the world via the Internet and we could join our energies together in that way.

The focus wouldn't be on traditional testing. Some testing would have to take place to satisfy government curriculum needs . The focus would be simply on review and discussion of materials. 

 The official requirements for certified teachers are not that difficult, they're relatively  fundamental. Again, the necessity to read, to do math and science are modules which you'd want to have anyway. Where Shambra schools would differentiate themselves is that these would be taught in a very holistic way.

What are we learning about the world? What can be learned about Earth? What can we learn about our selves as spirits on Earth?  Schools today teach about Earth as a science,  but here we would teach it as a life, as an energy, as an interrelationship. The importance of Earth, the nurturing of Earth and the responsibility to Earth could be a very important part of the curriculum.

And these need not get bogged down with religious doctrine- it is stressing the importance of understanding yourself (the student) and the world around you.

So, we see these small schools being outside the home, with meetings from home via the Internet.

Comments and Questions:

Home Schooling does not provide enough of an opportunity to relate.

You could say that what we're beginning to discuss has a home-school element to it. A lot of life quality needs to be reevaluated, in a situation where two parents work. A certain time at home, a certain time in a physical environment with a small group, and a certain time on the Internet with a more global group, which would be a phenomenal way to expand the learning process.

How do Montessori and Waldorf schools fit into this model?

There have been many alternatives a variety of ideas that have been tried and tested and they have all had their degrees of success, some went to extremes and didn't work at all, others are still very relevant today.

We are suggesting this as something created by Shaumbra for Shaumbra.

For crystal children. For families that want an alternative for their child's education. What Montessori and Waldorf miss is teaching the creative process. They've focused on a different way of teaching fundamentals, but they haven't necessarily gone beyond that. Here we're proposing a very holistic approach to the Creative Process: learning to Communicate, Inter-relate, Calculate and then to Create as the fundamental steps for doing it. You'll find that the more pragmatic portions, say reading, are going to be easier for the student to learn if it ties into the creative process. It is tedious to simply to memorize facts and figures as happens now, without applying it to a creative process. There is no encouraging the students to invent, to play, to bring that practical knowledge now into a creative application, giving it long-term basis.

The money will be there after you articulate a clearly defined vision. Creating of the vision of the Shaumbra Schools will be easier than some of the earlier ones.

Constantly allow the ability to create. Music, painting, new inventions, new concepts. Competition is a part of human consciousness, it doesn't have to be viewed negatively as long as you aren't taking energy from someone else. Competing in sports can be healthy, as long as the primary motivation isn't beating everyone else. Schools put such an emphasis on grades and rank because they have run out of ideas. It is not particularly beneficial to test students. It involves fear, it involves a certain level of distrust. Of course you'd have to do a minimal amount of testing to satisfy government requirements, but other than that we'd suggest dropping the testing.

When a new system is started, you will see conscious families taking their children out of the old schools and enrolling them in the new schools.



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