Q: How about the Orion civilizations?

B: This is different. The idea is that the Orion civilizations
massively incarnated and interwove into your civilization. There were,
from time to time, a few very rare physiological contacts, as such,
from some members in what you would collectively and/or loosely call
Orion civilizations. But the heart, the core, of what you know as the
Orion consciousnesses only interacted with your species on an
incarnational level. The largest influx incarnationally happened about
six thousand of your years ago, in the area you call your Middle east.

Q: And that was the largest influx of Orions on our planet?

B: Incarnationally.


The Orion civilization objected to the original Male body Human prototype, which was Pleiadian and much more artistic and dreamier. The DNA-type energetic blueprint of our early species (sometimes called the Adam Kadmon)  was altered to accommodate the Orion perspective of the perfect male: A strong, warrior type. One might notice that most military hierarchies subconsciously imitate Orion values.

Orion Civilization - Conflict

We might as well begin with the polarized point of view. We're going to begin first with a civilization called Orion - that is how you see it from your Earth plane. We're going to talk a little bit about how their societal structure affects you on Earth at this time. First, recognize that these particular civilizations we are talking about represent either your physical forefathers or forefather energies. This is the energy, the belief systems that you as a civilization have been exposed to during your infancy as a species. As you know, whatever energy you are exposed to as infants, you have a good possibility of adopting in adulthood. So let us start with Orion. Basically we'll outline to you the philosophies of the Orion civilization.

First of all, the Orion civilization was based on the idea of conflict. They were one of the areas of your galactic family that was committed to resolving polarity or conflict. So the general dynamic is as follows: The Empire was the dominant force within the Orion civilization. This Empire took it upon itself to be responsible for its citizens. That responsibility often meant they would use force and other methods you would perhaps think did not have much integrity. For any of you who have seen the Star Wars trilogy, the Empire in the movie is kindergarten compared to the actual expression of this Empire energy within the Orion civilization.

The Empire vs. the Black League Stalemate

So you have the active Empire individuals, you have individuals who were the subjects of the Empire and you have a very widespread underground group who resisted the Empire, who were the freedom fighters. These individuals we've called the Black League. "Black" is not meant to be negative; it simply means the idea of absorption or being hidden - they did not want to be found. If they were found, they would be annihilated. Thus you can see the dynamic. These resisters were fighting the Empire and both the resisters and the Empire were using the same methodologies with which to bring about their desires. In a tug-of-war, for instance, if the weight is balanced on both sides, neither person is going to win. It took them a very, very long time to realize that all they were doing was holding a balance through the amount of negativity each group placed on the other. That's the general dynamic of the Orion civilization. Many of you on Earth, incarnationally speaking, have connections with the Orion civilization and have come here in order to break certain cycles, certain patterns of conflict. Earth was a place where you could come, lose your identity or your memory of Orion and start again. The idea of losing your memory has actually been something that's worked for you rather than against you, because if you had kept your entire memory intact, some of the memories (especially the Orion memories) would be quite intense, to say the least, and even a bit scary for some of you.

Orion Monogamous Relationships

Now let us talk about the relationships in the Orion civilization. You will find that the nature of personal relationships in any society is a product of the dynamics of that society - your civilization included. This means that the Orion relationships were a product of their dynamic of conflict. So you can imagine that the Orion relationships would be very, very intense in a certain way. The Orions have what we could call monogamy, although it's different from the monogamy you have upon your world. The Orions mate for life. The relationship between Orions and their mate is of number one importance in the lifetime of the individual. This is because of the societal dynamics within the Orion system. The relationship dynamic is primarily that of the Black League civilization (the resistance groups), because this is the energy that you on Earth, at least for now, resonate with the most. So this is the one we will talk about. When an Orion is the equivalent of a teenager at puberty, they already have their antennae out looking for a mate, but it's not necessarily the way it is on your planet. There's a recognition - an instant recognition - when two people come together who are to be mated, and there's no doubt of that recognition. During the period of time when one is seeking a mate, there is no (to use a colloquialism) sleeping around, for an Orion is not aroused by anyone who is not their mate. So when the mate is finally found, the arousal and the excitement come because the person is their mate.

In your civilization you are attracted to someone first and then you decide whether or not to make them your mate. This is the opposite. This is for a very specific reason, born out of the conflict of their civilization: They have learned through thousands of years not to trust. Very often other forces infiltrate their reality, and so they've learned never to allow themselves to be vulnerable except with individuals who are very, very close to them. The mate is literally the one person with whom they allow themselves total vulnerability. This is why an individual is excited only by the mate because they literally cannot allow themselves to be vulnerable with anyone else. That is the energy dynamic behind how their relationships are structured.


So, you ask, is there ever infidelity in the Orion system? It depends on your definition of infidelity. There is no "sneaking around." That is not an idea that is compatible with the Orion philosophy because of the idea of vulnerability. But if someone has to go on a mission or travel away from the mate, it is expected of each of the mates to take a surrogate. When one is chosen as a surrogate in the Orion civilization, it's a tremendous honor and privilege. There is no competition between surrogates and primary mates. Again, the entire dynamic is a result of the structure of their society. When you're chosen as a surrogate - and you choose to be a surrogate, because it's definitely a two-way street - the relationship becomes as mates, but there is an understanding that the surrogate relationship is temporary. This surrogate relationship is for the purpose of releasing energy through sexuality, but also through nonsexual intimacy, to release the energy of conflict, to release emotional energy. So you can see that the entire expression of relationships was from your point of view perhaps a little limiting, but from their point of view extremely fulfilling. There were some situations of group marriage that were usually temporary. If one mate was killed, for instance, another mated couple may take in the remaining spouse temporarily to act as surrogates until that spouse finds another mate. But generally speaking there is a lot of rigidity. They did find it to be extremely satisfying for their civilization.

One thing we would like to say here, which also points out the difference between you and the Orions, is that the Orions do not know the concept of sexual fantasy. They are extremely disciplined in their mentality. Because of this, they repress fantasy, for fantasy simply does not exist. Fantasy with someone you saw walking down the street, for instance, does not exist. That is an undisciplined thought. Through eons of time they have been disciplining themselves, and those types of thoughts were simply less and less necessary. So the closest thing to an Orion fantasy would be a female thinking about when her mate is coming home, thinking about how nice it will be to take the mate in her arms, etc. Any fantasy or any thought of intimate expression can only be expressed - even in thought - in the direction of the mate. This is not anything that is imposed on them, so it's not a repression of anything. It's simply the way they are.