The Quantum Field & Parallel Universes

explained by a time traveler to a human, from her notes


Imagine a motion picture screen. Imagine the projector that projects images onto the screen as being the true reality in such a way that any image that represents a living being is indeed a living being but one who perceives only the two dimensional images on the screen. Nothing off the screen is in the being's "universe" and is therefore not perceived as even existing.

Now we know that movement on the screen is simply an illusion caused by a projector casting one image after another upon the screen. There are simply two phases. When the image is projected and when the image is not projected. The first phase we will call "unon" pronounced "you-non", universe on" which is simply the phase when the projector is on and an image appears on the screen. The image is momentarily turned off for the insertion of the next frame on the film. This phase we will call the "unoff", universe off, phase, until the unon phase repeats itself with a new frame from the film. The beings on the screen would believe that motion in their world, their universe was smooth and continuous if the "frequency" or rate at which the frames moved was fast enough.

Now one must know that in the "unoff" phase, the "reality" perceived by the screen creatures would have no meaning. The unoff phase could last for less than a nano second or a million years, in the unoff phase there is no reality in the universe of the screen. Now stretch your imagination even further. Imagine the screen is not flat but rather a large sphere and the projector is in the middle of the sphere.

Remember that the entire universe for these two dimensional creatures is the inside surface of this large sphere.


Now go a step further and imagine the sphere growing larger and larger. The universe would appear to expand in all directions to all the poor creatures who inhabited the finite universe during the unon phase of the projection.

Imagine another projector inside the spherical screen and it projects it's images onto the screen only during the unoff phase of the first projector.


The two universes would seem "parallel" and have no influence on each other. They would look the same to an observer outside of the universes but, since perception is entirely within the universe of the expanding screen, one entity in one universe would have no perception of the entity in the other universe even though the two universes were close to each other.



Now suppose there are not two but many projectors. Each one would be projecting a different universe yet if an entity in one universe could jump to another universe during it's unon phase then he / she would be in a different timeline from his original universe.



This analogy could be stepped up one dimension and, albeit over simplified, describe the quatum reality as we understand it in my era. Basically we now know that not only is energy given out in packets called "quanta" but time itself is a quantum event and not the continuum scientists now conceive it to be.