I left Boston on May 5th, 2002 in my stately pleasure dome.
My Celica's hatchback was packed with markers, a video camera and journals...and a map of the USA with highlighted places that had called to me on either a spiritual or human-connection level.

I drove down the coast, arriving at the Jersey Shore.

Evoke "Greetings from Asbury Park" and early Bruce Springsteen. Saltwater Taffy. Ski-ball and sunsets. I have the fondest memories of summers spent on the boardwalks with my cousins...  and it was their beach house a few blocks from the beach that was my destination.




Then to  Washington D.C where I meditated for our nation at the top of the Washington Monument









 From there I flew to Maui with Colleen. 
We were Maui Babes for a week.





In a surreal synchronicity we found ourselves best man and maid of honor in a wedding.



bulletOnce back in Arlington, VA I continued my drive

Thru Middletown Ohio to Peoria (to visit my folks), 

then south through East St. Louis...where my car broke down. On a Sunday. On a Holiday weekend. 
Amazingly, I found a mechanic who had me back on the road Monday morning. 
Kansas City, here I come!












 Unity Village, Kansas City Atchison Forest of Friendship

Vesta, NE; 

Cope CO; 

Denver, CO (for a meeting with the Crimson Circle); 





Garden of the Gods


Red Sun in the day from Colorado Fires in 2002


To visit my friend Sue, displaying her classic Boston Attitude


Santa Fe Alburquerque

At Bandolier I meditated in a Kiva

Hopi Reservation -
Dance of the Long Haired Kachinas

Grand Canyon
Sho Low, AZ
Las Vegas (the Luxor, of course)
Lake Tahoe Mt. Shasta
Eugene, OR Bend, OR
Ashland, OR Seattle, WA

I found the place that I was seeking: Sonoma County, CA  July 2002