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name of book:     Exemption from classification
the fall:                             
artifice or plagerization

Exhibit A: A number of people believed the magazine's name was "Cool-Ass".
an ambitious alternative typography/art/culture mag

cover2.jpg (2334 bytes)I was highly amused that this issue began at the center spread, then moved left and right to either cover. That's right, half the magazine read backwards, with the index listing negative page numbers. Articles would trail off the page, with the reader directed to continue reading on a website. It was a brilliant non-linear statement for 1996. The combination of print and virtual space was very fresh.


cover3.jpg (2119 bytes) Probably my favorite zine of all time.

"Fall 1996
Another relaunch, another controversial cover, another bad issue. The infamous belly button, the work of photographer Darin Pappas, caused the issue to be immediately returned by hundreds of distributors and newsstands. The image was most commonly called "disturbing," .....