Who is Ashtar?

Dear ones, my name is Ashtar. I am an etheric being from many, many planets, stars and incarnations. However, for billions of years, I have taken on one project, the project of populating many planets with “Star Seed”, and the project of bringing those planets through evolution. Earth is not the only one! Still it was myself, among others, who brought life to Earth in the very beginning and I did this, as did others, mainly through intention and through the process of creation relative to the human being. Now, because the Earth is out of balance and because I have an interest in the people, I come to assist at this time, to see her through the evolution into the Fifth Dimension.

And so, I come as a shepherd, gathering together his sheep safely, carrying the ones who hurt, just being there for all of them, finding the strays and bringing them together. This is my task, at this time, relative to the Earth. Ashtar means “Shepherd”. I am Ashtar, shepherd of the Earth. I wish to bring to your awareness another shepherd, for there are many. This shepherd you know very well. His name is Jesus. Jesus was an incarnation on the Earth of a very high being, known to those of the Light as Sananda. This one, of course, you all know personally. He is the one to whom you pray. Jesus. Sananda.

Dearest ones, I work directly under the leadership of Sananda. Therefore you know and understand that we of the etheric inter-dimensional forces work directly with the Light, with Jesus and with God. Your Heavenly Creator is the one whom we worship, just as you do.

We are working with you as partners, to bring the Earth into a higher dimension. That is what is occurring and is what the Book of Revelation does not say. All of the changes upon the Earth are cleansings to prepare for this and they are explained in Revelation. It would be helpful for you to read that book; the last chapter in the Bible. As you read, you will see and you will understand there are prophesies, and that on the Earth those prophesies are being fulfilled right now. I give you these words with much love, dear ones. I give you these words in order to bring understanding to your heart.

I bring you these suggestions so you will be able to look deeper and understand better. I wish to thank you at this time...all of you who are of the stars...who are awakening to the reality that is not in the history books. These realities are coming through in the form of channelings, realizations, insights and dreams. Dear ones, I suggest that you get together with others of your philosophy, either by postal mail, by e-mail, or in person, so you can discuss these matters, and thereby understand more.

Daily, dear ones, invoke the Light upon your entire being, your life, and your loved ones. The White Light is your protection and it is a beam through which we, in the Heaven Worlds, can guide you. This is Ashtar, helping you with information, as you are ready to receive it







The Way of Life in Finer Dimensions

Ashtar:  You are beginning to grasp the way of being for people who have made the transition from the Third to the Fourth Dimension.  You are realizing the so-called miracles that are done and that you are endeavoring to do yourselves in the very near future.  That is a beginning.  You know that people in the Fourth Dimension and the Fifth can manifest anything into their reality, can be anywhere they want to be, can see anyone the instant they think of them.  You know these things to be a fact.


            Now, as you go up the dimensions, and I say “up” simply because we are going in a progression, things do get quite a bit more complicated, although in the Fourth Dimension, a being can have many viewpoints.  For example, they can work with many, many people at the same time.  This multiplies greatly as you go up the dimensions.  As an example, I can tell you that Nikola Tesla, who is in the Spirit World, can be inspiring and assisting hundreds of people at the same time. If you multiply that by twelve for each dimension, then by the time you get up to eight, you pretty much have a large “school of students”.


This is only an example because it does not work exactly by twelves.  It is even higher than this because a master who has risen up the dimensions, we’ll say to the “eighth”, actually is working with many other planetary systems than the Earth.  So here we can multiply over and over again the amount of influence that one being has in the Universe.


            Dalphiaana:  Is this all done simultaneously?


            Ashtar:  Indeed.


            Dalphiaana:  Wow!  That is incredible!


Explanation about Projections


            Ashtar:  We have already explained to you what projections are.  We will recap that definition now.  When ascension occurs, many beings are united into one on a higher plane.  These beings gather together into the service of the One.  They are called “projections”.  They are under the direct control of the brain system “in the etheric” because there is no physicality in the higher dimensions.  Each of these beings that amalgamate is able to work on their own from the brain system of the master being.  They are much more tied together than in the human, for example, where fragmentation has occurred.  They are almost duplicates of the master being.


            Dalphiaana:  Almost like cloning?


            Ashtar:  Almost.  “Etheric cloning”, you may say.  The master brain of this being can send projections to many, many parts of the Universe and there are many of these because it is again multiplying by twelve every time there is a change.  The amounts of projections skyrocket by the time you get to the Eighth Dimension.  Now, the projections can do marvelous, marvelous things.  For example, one of them can be sent out by way of a thought-form of the master being and end up in Dalphiaana’s closet, thereby, awakening her spiritually with a THUD!


            This projection will then fade back into the being on a finer dimension.  It is almost like visualizing thought.  The thought-form that the being sends out from the Eighth Dimension takes a certain form and a different form in different situations.  For your situation, Dalphiaana, when “Ashtar” came out of your closet, the form was as a picture of Ashtar that was drawn by another person.


            Dalphiaana:  …that I hadn’t even seen yet…


            Ashtar:  …that you hadn’t ever seen but this form was chosen because it was what a certain Earth person thought Ashtar looked like, so it would be recognizable to you at some time or another in the future.


            Dalphiaana:  They knew I’d get that book eventually, h’mm?


            Ashtar:  Yes, which did occur.  Now say that on a planet in a galaxy a million light years away, there were beautiful beings that lived only in water.  If Ashtar were to send a projection, for some reason, to one of those beings, it would come out as a water being.  This is all directed by the brain of the master being.  It is an “as above, so below” situation.  The way a being controls his projections is rather like a “group soul”.  A group soul projects down the dimensions into the human beings but in the etheric, “as above”, the master being projects out “solidified thoughts” but they aren’t solid.  They are actually part of the masculine and feminine essence of that being.


            You realize we are going through this discussion in order to explain what kind of pets I have!


            Dalphiaana:  Okay.  This is quite the round-trip. I mean we’re threading our way all through the universes and the galaxies to get to the pets.  I love it.  It’s called the “scenic route”.  (Lots of laughter!)


Ashtar’s Way of Being


            Ashtar:  So, we have laid the groundwork or the background for you to understand where I’m coming from.  As you know, dear ones, I am very much a being of nature.  I teach about nature and natural law.  My similes to you on the Earth are very often connected with nature.  I always encourage you to be out in nature, to let the winds flow through your hair and to enjoy the wildlife and vegetation.


            Although I have not lived on your planet, I have lived on other third dimensional planets that were rather similar to the Earth, though not as beautiful and the beings were rather different.  Still, I was able to experience, at first hand, what you call “pets” in that experience, so I know what you mean by communing with nature and by having a little creature as a friend.


            Now here, where I find myself in the finer dimensions, we do not have any physical creature with a furry, beautiful, silky body to touch but we remember it.  Since we remember it, we can think it and it will be.


            Dalphiaana:  It will be in its dimensional matter?


            Ashtar:  It will be in the dimension where I am at this moment.  It is called manifestation.  If I would like to have a duplicate of your kitty to sit on my so-called lap up here on the Eighth Dimension and here again “up” is only relative, then I could have her.  It is only a manifestation of my thoughts but thoughts are things and more so on the higher dimensions.  She will become real for me.


            It is very difficult for us to explain to you how we exist because you must relate us to something that you know and understand, which of course is as a human being.  When I tell you I can manifest these things, you would think of a person sitting in their living room thinking about a cat and there the cat would manifest sitting on their lap.  This would be the natural thing for you to think.  But you see, Ashtar, in his reality, in his dimension, is not a human being and is not a being that you have ever seen before.  We send you an idea through artists of what we might be like if we were human so that you can relate to us but we are not like this, dear ones.  Neither are we little gray men with slanty eyes.  Neither do we count dimensions and give them numbers.  (Note:  This gives us an understanding why some channels or authors number the dimensions differently.  There’s no set “rule” in the finer dimensions but humans find it easier to think in linear ways in order to understand the nuances of metaphysics.


 Creation Is a Circle of Love


            Dalphiaana:   Are you light beings of some form?


            Ashtar:  Yes, definitely we are light beings and definitely we have form but you see the form that we have can change with our thoughts.  Because we have so many projections, with so many thoughts, Ashtar can be a thousand things at once, not just a person sitting on a sofa with a cat on his lap.  There is energy to each being on the higher dimensions with a compact brain system that controls all of the activities of his/her many selves.  This “energy” is much like your energy.  It has emotion, compassion and knowledge.  It is rather like your energy if there was nothing human there, if you could not see your body but all that you know, all that you feel, is real.  In the higher dimensions, we find it very much fun to create and in fact this is very high in our purpose… to create.  One creates with the mind and therefore it is to be understood that little beings, such as the cat, were created first in these dimensions, then came down into the Third to be re-created again when a person goes into the Fourth.  It is a “round-robin”.  It is a total circle of Love.  That is what creation is, a “circle of Love”, …of creating, of manifesting and re-creating.


            Dalphiaana:  Re-creating then is after so-called death?


            Ashtar:  Yes.


            Dalphiaana:  From now on there will be no death and we will take these bodies with us.  Is that right?


            Ashtar:  As far as the Earth is concerned you are gearing for that but remember there is a whole universe out there that is constantly in creation, manifestation and re-creation.


            Dalphiaana:  Macrocosm/Microcosm


Love and Service, the Way of the Universe


            Ashtar:  “As above, so below” is within the whole Universe.  Now the way that a cosmic being that lives on the Eighth Dimension manifests can be of great love.  By the time he has seen the many amalgamations of physical and lower dimensional beings come into the creation of his being, that has all been done with love.  The great amount of love that has been poured through this process into the master being is very phenomenal and can only be re-cycled through service.  By this I mean the heart of this being is so filled to the brim with the love of the Universe that it must expand and be given out to others in some form of service.


            Dalphiaana:  Down here we say “My cup runneth over”.  You have to give out; you can’t contain all that love.


            Ashtar:  Yes.  It is the same idea.  So I as a being, because my cup runneth over on my dimension, am reaching down the dimensions to you in order to assist in any way that I possibly can.  Make it be known to you that I reach not only to the Earth but also to many thousands of other places in the Universe in a helpful manner.


            Dalphiaana:  That’s why we love you so much, because of that love!


            Ashtar:  That love has become mine through the amalgamation of many souls of love.  As the master being, I am the grateful recipient of the Divine Plan of the Father.  Dear one, it is with great love and with great joy that I attempt to explain my existence to you.


Relevance of the Twin Soul Relationship in Ascension


Dalphiaana:  We appreciate it, for we love you dearly.  We know that someday we will be back with you and Athena.


            Ashtar:  This is the day for which I wait, relative to the Earth mission.  Athena and I have blended energies and we are as one.  We work together in beautiful ways and we are able to teach from the male and the female point of view.  It is our pleasure to work with you at this time.  I, as Ashtar, receive much of joy and much of experience second-hand through my mate, Athena.  She has experienced the Earth dimension many, many times.  Each time I was her loving guide in the etheric, although she knew it not.  Her times of being away from me were many and long yet now that we are reunited in the totality of the male and female energies, it is a perfection that I only dreamed of.  Because of this, part of my personal mission is to teach the manifestation of the soul and the relevance of the twin soul and soul mate relationships.  This is the background behind God’s plan.


            Dalphiaana:  Eventually everybody moves back home to the Divine Source.


            Ashtar:  The reason why I teach and I implore of you to unite our spiritual family is very deep and far-reaching.  As you unite on the Earth in the Third Dimensional Earth mission, you will, one by one, meet your soul mates and meet, in many cases, your twin flame/twin soul.  I use the words interchangeably.  When these meetings occur, there is joyous expectancy in your unions and this carries over through the transition called death, or through the transition called ascension.  It is the way of the Universe to ascend back up the dimensions from the Third to the Fourth, the Fifth, the Sixth, the Seventh, the Eighth and on up.  When the family that is on the Earth mission right now ascends, over the eons of time through the dimensions, they will eventually get up to the place where Athena and I hold our energy.  When it all comes together in glorious wonder, then we will all ascend even closer to the Father, together.


This cannot be done until the fragmented souls, including the humans, are all brought together in love and work out their soul missions.  They will then amalgamate and in your Earth time you feel this will take millions of years.  We do not think in terms of years.  When you live in the higher dimensions there is not a concept of this. Some will return very fast, as Sananda did and as Athena did and others will take their time.


            Dalphiaana:  Is it our choice?


            Ashtar:  It is the choice of the soul and the experience and the lessons that person has had.  Believe it or not, it all works out cosmically just beautifully.  There will not be somebody up there on “cloud nine” saying, “Well, when are you going to come home?  When are you going to stop playing in the Universe?”  (Lots of laughter)


            Yes, dear ones because past, present and future are one, all will turn out and at the very same time we will hold our beautiful welcome… our welcome back to the Father’s love of all the “eagles” who are working on the Earth mission now.  It will be a wondrous banquet indeed, a banquet of pure love.


            Dalphiaana:  I can’t wait for that time.


            Ashtar:  But you see, dear one, that is not the ultimate.  That is one signpost on your soul’s journey and it will be wondrous.  It will be a culmination of many millions of Earth years, true but when you get to that point there will be even more glories for you to look forward to.  They will be of love and of service, for that is what you have chosen as your soul’s purpose.  You see, we are not talking in “life’s purpose” any more but your soul’s purpose.  We are very happy that there are some human beings on the Earth who are interested in their soul’s purpose.


            Dalphiaana:  We are very much interested in it.  If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be doing this work.


            Ashtar:  Indeed…


Bless Your Tests


            Dalphiaana:  Ashtar, you say the soul’s purpose is service.  Is this an eternal purpose?  Is this for every soul that was ever created?  For the service is ultimately to our Father/Mother God, to the source of our own being?


            Ashtar:  Yes.  Yes.  The soul’s purpose is love and service but there are many deviations from that as a way of learning or as a way of growing. That is one reason why schoolhouse Earth was manifested as a great place of learning.  You can see how far many of the inhabitants are, in fact, not of service but they are selfish.  Those who are in service to themselves are those who you may call the “lesser Light”.  Those who are in service to others are those of the Light.  Being of the lesser Light is simply a soul’s lesson and it can be a very difficult lesson for that one.  They can get into all kinds of horrendous situations and harm others.  It is all for the purpose of learning “unconditional love”.  It is not an easy road for either the one of the lesser Light or what you may call “their victims”.  This is the way and this is the background of all of manifestation of life… to go through the many lessons from the lesser Light to the Light, to end up with love and to live in service to life of all forms.


            There is not one person on your planet that has not deviated and done their works with the lesser Light, including yourselves.  There is not one person who has not murdered another in some past life or done grave harm to others in many ways.  This is the Earth’s contribution at this time, to allow people to work through these disturbances of character so they may eventually come to the realization of the joy and the love of life and the joy of service to others.


            Now when Earth ascends, this schoolhouse will not be here in the Universe any longer.  There are other third dimensional planets in great numbers, where these kinds of situations will be able to manifest.  So the new souls can grow and learn to love.  Indeed, you may say, why does it take so many lifetimes and missions to learn something as simple as love?


            Dalphiaana:  Oh, what a good question!


            Ashtar:  Well, you see, it is not so simple. It is because you have your emotions and all of the many relationship ramifications.  You run the gamut of complexity in the Third Dimension and all of this occurs so you can learn how to love.  Even those of you who are students of unconditional love and who feel they have a concept of this and are practicing this, still find their soul is testing them in various ways.


            Dalphiaana:  It’s a continuous testing ground, isn’t it?


            Ashtar:  Yes, indeed it is.  You will, each and every one of you, be thankful for all of the difficult tests that you have had this lifetime after you ascend.  I want you to know that!


            Dalphiaana:  You mean it really is all worth it?  This is what you’re saying?


            Ashtar:  Yes, indeed.  It is definitely worth it.  That’s why I say, bless your tests.  Keep calm throughout these times that seem difficult and allow your universal energies to flow as usual, so that inspiration can be received even at these times.  The key, of course, is to keep calm, detached, centered and balanced.


Understanding Grief from a Higher Perspective


            Dalphiaana:  It would be very difficult to be detached when something has happened to my own children.  That would be a very big test.


            Ashtar:  I understand, dear one but I also would remind you that each one of your loved ones decided their path and their ending before they came into their bodies.  It is for you to respect their choice and to comfort the family in a manner that is detached enough for you to stay in control of yourself and stand in your own power so you may be a tower of strength for others.  In doing so, you are showing respect for a way that you may not have chosen for them but for that soul it would be perfect, you see.  If you were to go into a grievous situation of grief, you would actually be in judgment of them.


            Dalphiaana:  Do you mean to grieve is to judge?


            Ashtar:  To grieve is perfect for the human being and a necessary part of their process but to carry this on for months and years, as some people do, is a judgment.


            Dalphiaana:  Overdoing it then becomes the judgment.


            Ashtar:  Yes.  You see, the process of grieving is a process that can be under the control of the mental body and you can process your grief in a manner of days and at the most, a few weeks. 


            The grief that you feel because of the loss and of missing the person is very normal grief.  A grief that occurs emotionally whereby one feels that they cannot live without the other, or blames that person for leaving early, or hangs onto it for months and years, is detrimental to the soul.  It is also detrimental to the loved one who has passed from the Third Dimension.

            Dalphiaana:  We must be in control of our grief?


            Ashtar:  Allow grief to occur as naturally as it wishes to but know that it is possible with your mental body to handle that grief and to release the effects of it very quickly.  The process to do this is explained in Cloverleaf’s booklet called “Return to Joy”.


            Dalphiaana:  May I ask you another question? After ascension, when the souls amalgamate and become part of the master’s soul such as you, do we, as individual people, retain any personality?  Do we retain any of our memories or our feelings or emotions?  What happens?  Do we just let those go?


            Ashar:  What is retained, dear one is the knowledge and the wisdom that was accumulated in your many lifetimes.  All of the experience that you had is condensed, that which you are feeling as a third dimensional being, the emotion and feelings go as it would in a death.  It is the seed, the result of all the lessons that is retained.  This is huge, dear ones, this is very huge.  Out of that comes an energy and when the time is right for the being in the higher dimension to have emotion, the emotion will come from the knowledge and the wisdom of all those who have amalgamated to form this being.  There is feeling and there is emotion on the higher dimensions.  It is much under control normally.  Every single experience that each one of the beings had that make up the group that goes into one ascension is all-important and is so varied.  The master being that is created has such wide experience.  This experience is drawn on just as a human being draws upon life experience of past years and so it is above.  The experience is drawn upon from all of the personalities that make up the soul.


New Souls, a Cosmic Round Robin


            Dalphiaana:  Are there any new souls born?  Are any new souls coming to the planet now to help with the transition?


            Ashtar:  Yes there are what you may call “old” souls and “new” souls.  This is a continuous re-cycling of the Father’s energies.  It occurs during the manifestation of the soul.  A new soul is created out of what may be called the Great Central Sun, for your point of reference and is divided into the male/female energies and goes out with the out breath of the Father into the various universes.  This soul experiences on many dimensions on the way down through the out breath.  A new soul can be billions of years of age in your Earth time.  If that soul should run into great difficulties along the way it would be re-cycled into the energies of the Great Central Sun.  It is a continuous “out” and “in’ situation.


            If that new soul were enjoying the experience of being a soul, of learning, then there are many, many revolutions of the out breath and in breath that it could traverse, out/in, out/in many times.  There would be no reason to re-cycle so it simply continues in its knowledge and wisdom.  It is a cosmic round robin.


An ‘old’ soul is one that has not gone into the recycling process but has grown through many manifestations of the soul, many ascensions and many experiences.  An “old” soul has maturity about its demeanor in the Third Dimension.  Even as a child this maturity can be felt.  It can be seen in the eyes of a baby as deep wisdom.


The “new” soul is one on the Earth who might have rather “shifty” eyes or a lack of self-confidence.  The “old” soul needs no pretense for the ego in any way but lives naturally and goes with the flow.  A “new” soul would need to put on much of an act for the ego’s sake, even to the extent of painting the face with makeup in an overdone manner.  New souls very often have the experiences to go through of the lesser Light and often find themselves in awkward situations and many end up in jail.  One cannot tell a new soul by the color of his/her skin.  You will find that many of the minority countries have more new souls, the “Third World countries”.


            Dalphiaana:  Is there a reason for that?


            Ashtar:  It is all a manner of experiencing and very often a new soul is very eager to learn fast and gain soul essence, so that person may come as a crippled child in Africa, for example.  In going through a difficult lifetime the soul growth is very great.  So you can respect those many new souls who are living in areas that are less advantaged because they would have come to those areas for a very good reason.


            Dalphiaana:  This is what we see as the starvation in Africa and places like that.


            Ashtar:  Yes.  Those little children who are dying by the thousands chose to come to those areas because they would have phenomenal growth at the soul level.  They also would have karmic reasons, of course, for being in the area where they are. Now, did we cover your questions, dear one?


            Daphiaana:  I really believe we did.  We have covered so many questions this morning that my head is spinning.  It has been delightful!


            Ashtar:  It has been a most interesting morning. Thank you very much for your diligence in formulating questions and in trying to understand my world.  I am Ashtar, giving you much love.


            Dalphiaana:  And our love to you.  Thank you.



 Ashtar was spoken through Ariana Sheran

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