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Extraterrestrial Brothers

Extra-terrestrials, non-terrestrials, angels, gods, aliens, orbs, other dimensional beings, ascended masters, what ever you call them- they're around, just open your eyes. You'll tune-in to their frequency if you decide that you want them in your reality. Check them out! 

The Space Brothers, whom many of you are so longing to reconnect with tangibly, are members of your soul family. They are friends and family of your "future selves." They have often intervened by protecting the Earth from major space disasters that could have caused much destruction. Unknown to you, they have protected the Earth and all of you many, many times from major invasions by space cultures who have not yet learned to embrace unconditional love and true brotherhood. The Arcturians, the Sirians, the Pleiadeans and many others have been your most precious Space friends and guardians. They are still here at this time in very great numbers to assist you, and to stabilize your planet during the coming changes and dimensional shifts. They are also sending you love every day. - Adama of Telos

I make a distinction between angels/ascended masters working in the light and incarnating physical beings belonging to other civilizations (including higher dimensional civilizations), but you don't have to. We are all One in the Now.

Taking a second look at the info I've assembled, one would conclude that I must be "really into this UFO thing" but that is not the case. I only made the connection between other-dimensional beings and EXTRA-terrestrials in the weeks following 9.11, although now it seems laughable that it took so long! The revelation was that these beings aren't exclusively in our 3rd Dimensional space-time matrix. You have to have some clairvoyant ability to see them. Or they must allow you to see them. Perhaps that is why the Aliens exist/do not exist debate rages.

I am a humble seeker of truth. If the truth that seems the most "valid" for me comes from people who claim to be channeling extra-terrestrial beings, then....until I have a better, more universal explanation, I'll accept THEIR truth. Sorting out different entities which claim to be from that star system over there in this dimension, or a future x years in our future was becoming confusing, so I started to post them here. Most info is from other web sites and not necessarily stuff that I've validated for myself. I find the information from Q'uo and the Pleiadian Collective to be the what is resonating most deeply within me in 2009. Enjoy!

Roswell Crash Investigation non-event

Open your mind to encompass ALL THAT IS, for it is you. Follow YOUR truth. There is no other purpose to existence that I perceive.

What is our Galactic Heritage?

Pleiadians, Retitculum…. ah ah ah….. you don’t understand that whole story, and in some ways you are closer than you think to them than anyone else for a reason - because they literally are you. They’re not alien, they’re human.

You are to some degree connected with Sirius, Orion, this constitutes a very large on-going family in a sense of offshoots of cousins all the way back to Lyra, Vega.  There is a genetic line, there is a lineage, there is a history both karmically, reincarnationally and genetically to these civilizations.  But this idea of experiencing and awakening your galactic connections is more now for the purpose of applying that attitude to earth, to allow it become the stepping stone to the next level, to carry on the lineage, to go forth and be unto others as we are to you, which you will all someday be. And carry on in your own way the work, the vast work, the vast work of the Great Story, one of the great stories within the Greatest story of all that is. This awakening  is not to detach yourself from earthly understanding but to remember that you had a purpose and a reason for choosing to be on the earth at this time and to bring that lineage through you forward to  expand and express it in ways that can be of assistance to all of you to take the next step the next evolution.   (more at >)  -Bashar (Essassani) channeled Oct 2001

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Greetings, once again. We are the Founders, happy to help illuminate your path of awakening. Yesterday we began a discourse on the true history of your planet, but we didn't get very far - only to the point where the humanoid form began propagating throughout the Universe. This form you have come to know so well, with its arms, legs, torso, head, etc., was the result of genetic experimentation and research comprising a very long period of time - about 900 million of your Earth years. During that time, all manner of exotic life forms were created by permutating the DNA strands and structures. Most of the animal life you are familiar with was
brought forth as a side-effect of this research. (more at>) - The Founders  May 10th 2005

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