The Yahyel   

Extraterrestrial Brothers, said by Bashar to be likely to be the 1st civilization to make formal 3rd Density contact with humanity. This was  the

For more answers, read the facinating book channeled by Shaun Swanson with Jefferson Viscardi as curious questioner.

Avatars of the Phoenix Lights UFO

I've not asked for permission to reprint the material, but here are some interesting teasers from the book.

Physical Appearance: Humanoid

They are in fact a mix of human DNA mixed with a few other (unknown) extra-terrestrial races.

The Yahyel are one of the closest space brethern to us in appearace (up there with the PleiadiansZeta and Essassani) with both male and females averaging about 5'6" tall  (1.68 meters). The one being interviewed by the channel was 5'4" and 120 pounds (54.5 kg). 

Head, eyes, ears, arms legs, hands with 4 fingers and a thumb? Yes. Perhaps that is why they will be the first to greet us physically. It won't be as much as a shock, or invoke as much fear and misunderstanding.

A few physical differences:

They have only 3 small toes with a big toe. The have hair but very short, it does not grow out (similar to hairs on human fingers.) No mustaches or beards, and they look rather bald. The hair color ranges from platinum blond "to the bright yellows some of your Sun's solar flares."

They do not have eyebrows. Their eyes are larger then human eyes, both horizontally and vertically. They are not almond shaped near the nose, but rounder there. (Perhaps they do not have tear ducts?) They were a shield over their eyes when awake. When they remove their "contact lens", for example in low light conditions, or when interacting with people socially, their eyes are more iridescent than human eyes, and seem almost to glow from within. Most Yahyelians have blue eyes, ranging from a very light blue to a deep medium blue.

They gestate their young 7 to 8 months before the female gives birth.