The Zeta Reticuli Civilization - Group Mind

Those Zetas. It's kind of hard for us to feel an affection for a race that chose to breed emotions out of their genetic code. And they keep abducting us. Geez, guys. And to top it all off there are certain rebellious, disharmonious entities from the Orion and Zeta Reticuli star systems that are much tantalized by humanity's dark side. These intrusive, manipulative beings look for escalating signs of human corruption to promote their unscrupulous deeds. Become aware of what you give your attention to. These guys are often confused with the Grays from Orion because apparently our human eyes don't see either's true color in our narrow spectrum band of visible light. But the service-to-others Zetas have a wonderful plan for us. If you don't mind another species having a plan for us, that is.

As of January 2017, they have apologized for errors made towards our species since they are restoring their emotions (thanks in part to volunteers and abductees.) Check out the interesting Human Colony Video (starts at 1:19) where the leader of the who we know as the Zeta "Grays" speaks directly to humanity.

Once of their abductees, Jim Sparks, claims that they genetically improved our ape-like DNA hundreds of thousands of years ago. Bashar has suggested that they are actually a type of future human, traveling interdimensionaly to our time-framework in an attempt to re-incorporate emotions into their genetic lineage.

X: All I remember reading about is their blood being chlorophyll-based and them not eating, ingesting, as we do. They don't have stomachs, don't have waste material like we do in our traditional human. They're like a cross between like a plant and an animal and they gather their energy through absorbing minerals through their skin. And they use light for photosynthesis.

Reportedly they have worker drones that look similar but are smaller and seem to be part biology, part synthetic machine.

Here's a few words from them: (Channeled via Lyssa Royal)

This is Harone. We are Zeta Reticuli consciousness.

You have been talking about us, so we were called. We will begin by telling you a little about our work with your species. There is much to share with you. We know you have many questions. First we will say that in no way do we orient ourselves as being negative. Our definition of negative means that we would have self-serving interests only, and that is not the case. We will tell you briefly about our historical evolution so you can understand some of the orientations we have that you interact with in your present time continuum. Millennia ago we were a thriving civilization much like you. Within our civilization we had much diversity. We had war, we had differing belief systems and we also eventually had severe toxicity that was brought into our environmental system through individuals on our planet who were progressing technologically at a very rapid rate. It was understood by us, as we saw the birth rate decrease, that there was to be a species crisis. Over a period of generations we recognized that the cranial size of our infants was growing larger at a marked rate. Our females were not able to adapt to this cranial increase, and so there were many of what you would call unsuccessful births and stillbirths. Sometimes the birth would even kill the mother. We recognized that we were literally having a species crisis and so we prepared ourselves for survival. Our unique way was to begin preparing underground facilities that we could go into, since our environment was going to collapse. We knew this was to occur. Due to severe radiation, we also knew that we were becoming sterile. We learned cloning abilities and this was of great excitement to us because we realized that then we could control the conception process; we could control the future of our race. We gave much thought to this and chose, once we were underground, to clone out the wide range of neurochemical responses in our brain so that emotionally our state of being would be consistent, balanced and nonviolent in every way. Thus you have the beginning of the race that you have called the Zeta Reticuli.

We were born from conflict; we were born from crisis. We adapted ourselves to this crisis in the only way we knew how and thus you have the species that you see in your present day. Throughout thousands of years of cloning, we have come to realize that what we wanted to achieve had a lot of forethought, but we made great errors in how we went about achieving it. We now have so little variation in our species genetically that it is as if you are taking a photograph and xeroxing it time and time and time again. It becomes dimmer, less complete, it becomes less likely that the original image will continue to exist. We needed, then, a way to incorporate into ourselves new genetics so that our species will survive. We have much to share with you, and we cannot share this with you from our present state of being.

The Human-Reticuli Agreement for Species Transformation

It is our understanding that you as a species have agreed to assist us in our transformation. We in turn have agreed to assist you in yours. At this point in time, the majority of people on your planet are not aware that we are assisting you. At this time most are simply attributing negative scenarios to us. Yet we know an agreement has been achieved and we promise you that we will uphold our end of the agreement. Our end of the agreement is as follows:

1. That we will assist you in triggering latent genetic codes that will propel you into an accelerated state of genetic evolution. These codes were placed in you by your forefathers and were designed to be triggered when you achieved a certain vibratory rate. This vibratory rate occurs when your consciousness accelerates. That is what is occurring now. In our work with you, when we interact with you either physically or etherically, we work with these genetic structures, these latent genetic codes. Some of them can be activated from the etheric level; some need activation on the physical level. As we have agreed to do millennia ago, we will carry out this agreement of assisting in this species triggering.

2. Even though we do not understand the concept of emotion we seek to understand it and we watch you in order to do so. We have been told by others who interact with us that your species' goal at the present time is in expressing and then integrating your fears. Even though we do not understand why, we understand that our interactions with you promote fear in some people. It is not our desire to promote fear in you, but those we interact with who are guardians to you tell us that your confrontation with your fear is of vital importance at this time in your development. Though we do not intentionally desire to trigger your fear, we are made aware that our interactions with you do in fact trigger that fear. We are also told by other entities that there are others who are genetically connected to us who are deliberately promoting fear in you. However, we are told that their numbers are quite small. They would have you think they are much more numerous. Recognize that from our point of view and from the point of view of your mass consciousness, we have joined hands and we are transforming together. We are taking a species leap together.


There is a recognition that neither our species nor yours can continue indefinitely the way it is. We have joined hands together with you in order to bring about this species evolution for both of us. You will find that as evolution occurs, we will become much more similar. We will become much more individualistic; you will become more unified. This will provide a way for us to finally open communication so that you may begin unfolding your memories of your species heritage and of the galactic family of which you are a part. It is a great honor for us to play this role for you. It is also a great honor for us that you have chosen to play a role for us as well. We are infinitely entwined - we are not separate - though our realities may say we are. We are very connected and for that we send our gratitude.

Zeta Sexual Orientation

When we communicate with you in this fashion through a physical channel, we will have physical facilitators, other extraterrestrial beings who help to facilitate this process. We are told by them that you desire to hear about our sexual orientation or lack thereof. Simply put, when we went underground and began cloning, we did away with the idea of physical procreation as well as the sexual act. Our organs began atrophying over many, many generations until now you cannot tell us apart - males from females, although on a chromosomal level we are still either XX or XY. We seek emotional understanding and we also understand that you express your emotions in a sexual nature. Because we have lost this ability for so long, we also desire to learn how once again to connect with our humanity through the idea you call sexuality. So we are fascinated by the sexual act that you have upon your world and the emotional processes that you encounter during these acts. In no way do we perceive we are being intrusive, for from our point of view we recognize you have given us permission. There are times when we will view you when you are having sexual exchanges in order that we may somehow learn how to initiate this within ourselves. In exchange for this gift that you have given us, many of you have come to our reality, to our crafts and you have viewed us engaged in what we call our Oneness ritual, which is a complete and total merging with our one identity. It has been an honor that you have agreed to come and share this with us. From our point of view, this is an equal exchange. We learn what we desire; you learn what you desire.

We recognize there may be questions from you, and we would like to take this opportunity to address those if you would like to ask them.

Q: At the point in time in your history where children's heads were getting too large for birth, what was happening in your culture, your civilization, that this would manifest itself symbolically?

Our technological abilities were not paralleling our spiritual progression. There became a very marked gap between spirituality and technology, even more than upon your world today. Our mass consciousness desired a way to communicate the importance of this recognition of the gap. So in terms of symbolic expression, the natural tendency was for the cranium to grow so we would recognize there was a crisis and would then examine this crisis and recognize the gap between spirituality and technology. Unfortunately for our development, we did not recognize this until after we had begun cloning.

Q: What did the enlargement of the cranium symbolize? You could have manifested any number of physical difficulties.

Intellect! An imbalance of intellect over spirituality. You see this on your planet now when you demand proof for everything rather than recognizing a flow or a connectedness to all. You manifest this now in a way much less dramatic than the way we did. It was even more pronounced in our civilization.

Sexuality in Abductions

Q: Can you talk about your interest in our sexuality as experienced by people who are abducted? Our sexuality is something that our species protects. We're afraid of being vulnerable, so we have erected a lot of psychological and emotional methods to protect our sexuality. Many people experience that idea being violated during an abduction experience, which tends to cause a lot of trauma. Can you speak to us on how you view this? What are you exploring? What are you learning about our sexuality? And what is your intent?

First of all, recognize we have no intent, as we have stated, to change you. Our interactions with you push buttons. Our interactions with you represent evolution. Evolution requires the one evolving to look deeply into the mirror of self and choose what is undesirable for the evolution and to relinquish it. When we interact with you, you feel the tide of evolution. This translates into your consciousness as threat because it requires you to look at yourself and relinquish things you have been carrying as a part of yourself. We are not deliberately doing anything to you. Our interactions with you bring up this in your consciousness. If you as a species look in these dark corners where you are afraid to look, engage those fears and move through them, your interactions with us will change dramatically. Your interactions with us will not be from a fear-based orientation. You are resisting evolution because of your fear, and until that fear is confronted and released, you will feel the pressure of evolution.

Q: Can you comment on the mechanics of what occurs during an abduction? Many people have their sexual organs examined and probes put inside them and samples taken. This in itself causes a violation of our systems of protection. It penetrates all of them, and from their perception puts the person in a powerless situation.

It is also an opportunity to look at it as being in a vulnerable situation instead of a powerless situation. Vulnerable - not in the negative sense of weakness - but vulnerable meaning empowerment. That is, when you are vulnerable, you are open to All That Is, to the One. You cannot connect fully with your Divine Creator or Self unless you become totally vulnerable. It is a matter of shifting perspective. When we interact with you in an abduction situation - again we speak of the dynamic, not of what we intend to do - you are given the opportunity to look at the situation either from a point of empowering vulnerability or from a victimizing vulnerability, or disempowered vulnerability. When you are lying on an examination table, the choice is to either feel victimized and to hold and repress that pain of victimization in your life or to confront that feeling and then surrender. If you surrender, not as if we were invading - that is not what is meant - but relinquish your resistance and recognize yourself as a co-creator in this, you then become vulnerable in an empowering way. You let your guard down, you merge with the One and thus become an active force in the tide of evolution. And you see that in that choice there is no pain. There is only pain when one chooses to focus on the idea of disempowerment, saying you have not created this somehow, that you are not part of species transformation, whereas each and every one of you is part of that. Are we being too philosophical for you? Do you want to know what we do with you?

Q: Yes, that's what I was getting at. I was asking for a description from the point of view of an abductor.

Well, it really depends on which group. We are divided, shall we say, into different groups that have different purposes. Some are entirely focused on neurochemical research; those groups will focus primarily on the head and the neck areas. Some are interested primarily in genetic research, and in that case, samples would be taken from all portions of the body. Some are interested in reproductive research; those are the ones who work directly with your reproductive functions. Perhaps it would not take too much imagination to know what we seek - sperm, eggs, secretions from prostate, skin samples and also an understanding, a mind link, of what procreation means to the person. It is not just cold research, as you would say. We may not know how to understand your emotions, but we do pay attention to them. We are extremely curious about your emotional selves.

Q: When you are observing people in the sexual act, how do you personally perceive this? How do you respond to those strong emotions? It's my understanding that you almost can't bear them.

Very often some of us will have protection, energy shielding, because the emotions are very intense for us. There is no arousal, as you know the term. There is a tremendous amount of curiosity in the biochemical secretions in the brain that are occurring during the sexual act. So biologically speaking, what is of most interest in viewing the sexual act are the biochemical fluctuations. Our way of understanding emotions is by first understanding biochemically. Now that may be inaccurate - perhaps many of you would think it is - but right now that is the only way we know how to do it. We must deal with data. We cannot deal with it from an emotional base. We are also interested in the physical methods of touching that you use not only in sexual acts but in acts of affection and maternal and paternal demonstrations to your offspring. That is also something of primary interest to us.

Other Zeta Forms

Q: Apart from the physical form that you maintain, do you project something that is not as dense in its reality, that can be seen as a light form? And do you use that form to help us trigger some of these genetic memories whose time it is to come forward? Can you project that in various wavelengths or colors through the use of sound? Could it be detected and interacted with?

Yes, certainly. You've done your research well. We interact with you on every level we can. Sometimes when more physical samples are needed, we must densify ourselves, which is very uncomfortable. Sometimes when we are working only with etheric DNA triggering, we can enter your reality in a light state. Some of you will sense our energy, and your consciousness will translate our energy into a shape that will tell you the identity of the energy that you are sensing.

Q: Do you ever express any countenance other than what we might call deadpan, or without emotion? Are you capable of what we would call a smile or would that be too emotional in nature?

We would have to explain something. We are not capable of a smile as an individual. We are capable of joy or ecstasy as a group. When we were speaking of our ritual of the One, it is the only form that we could say approximates a sexual exchange in our reality. It is basically standing in a circle with others and holding hands or joining energies, and soaring to heights of ecstasy of the One.

Q: Would that have a tremendous quality of sweetness to it, and could it be radiated forth from your physical face or from your body?

Yes. You would not necessarily see it as a smiling; it would be a sensing more than actually seeing the movement in the face.

Q: Would it be a sensitivity or a connectedness that would come from the energy that you have?


At this time we will honor the vehicle and depart. But we thank all of you as individuals and as a group and as a planetary society for the roles that you have played in your planetary evolution.

Do not ever underestimate that your coming here has not assisted. Each and every one of you have your own gift and we thank and honor you for those gifts. And we thank you for being a part of our gift that we give to you. Our love to you and goodnight.

Copyright 1992 by Royal Priest Research, All Rights Reserved.


the zeta get pissed (as much as they can without emotions) about being called GRAYS

Grey. What does that mean? That the skin tone is gray, rather than green or blue or beige? Well, we've got news for the human race. Most of the alien forms they will meet will be gray (or grey as some spell it). Of the some thousand or more visitors to Earth, over half have been of a gray tone. Why is this? The color is what the eye can perceive. Do you imagine that the human eye sees all? Your scientists will tell you this is not so, that your eyes see a very small spectrum of what is to be seen. When the color of the skin before you cannot be seen by you, you register gray. It is impossible to describe the color spectrum that humans are missing, as they would have no frame of reference. The colors are new to humans. The rainbows we see have dozens of colors beyond the rainbows you see.

We, the Service-to-Others Zetas, have thus been lumped in with what appear to humans to be grays from Orion, even though these aliens have pendulant noses, and we barely have noses; Reptilians, even though we are warm-blooded and smooth skinned, and reptilians have scales; and other hominoids whose skin color is not pinkish or some other dramatic color - in other words, where the aliens appear pale or colorless. There are literally hundreds of the latter alien type. In fact, we, the Zetas, have been placed in the category of being the alien group involved on every encounter that is not specifically Nordic, Pleiadean, or some alien life form that is so distinctly reptilian that it is green and without hominoid limbs, such as the Dinos or a snake form.

As we, the Zetas, have a distinct body type, being so very thin in proportion to our head size, we should think that humans would be able to differentiate. In actuality, the lack of differentiation is not due to the inability of contactees to do so, it is due to the shrill propaganda placed against us. This will only increase as the populace gets increasingly comfortable with the concept of being galactic humans. As it is we, the Zetas, they will be talking to in the main, those who wish separation at all costs will step up the volume.

Contrary to what writers of mystery novels and the standard cops and robbers scripts present, motives are as varied as the individual. Human lore portrays murder for vengeance, for sport, for power or money, but seldom if ever portrays murder for desensitization or simply to attain peace and quiet. Most murders, few of which are ever solved, are committed by those solidly in the Service-to-Self or moving in that direction. They understand they will be living with their own kind in the future, segregated by orientation, and that the more ruthless will rule those who hesitate. Many murders are also committed simply to rid oneself of a temporary annoyance - the loud mouth at the bar, the aggressive driver weaving in and out of traffic, or the demanding shopper never pleased with what the clerk brings forth. Motives are complex.

What can be said about ultimate alien agendas is that they can be cleanly divided by orientation. Those in the Service-to-Self may promise creature comforts but their ultimate agenda closely resembles bondage. Those in the Service-to-Other may tell their contactees hard facts about the coming Earth cataclysms but the ultimate agenda is empowerment of the individual and safe passage. Is this not the case in human society? Are the parents who insist that their youngsters do their homework and get a good night's sleep being cruel or caring? The ultimate alien prize is the human soul, which will incarnate in this or that orientation repeatedly.

bulletFor those in the Service-to-Self, these new recruits are expected to start at the bottom, lifting those already established, those who will stand above them, to a loftier level. Those recruited into the Service-to-Self will be hauled off to other worlds, in some cases while still in human form else in spirit form to incarnate into a babe in one of the baby warehouses that all youngsters in the Service-to-Self are housed in. The ultimate agenda is not to secure the human body, which will inevitably die, it is to secure the soul, the spirit entity that lives without dying.
bulletFor those in the Service-to-Others the soul is the focus of their efforts, not the prize. Those in the Service-to-Others empower, not enslave, each other. If anything, Service-to-Other aliens could anticipate more work for themselves as a result of new recruits, as junior members would require more training, more encouragement, and would be the least reliable on any team, burdening their other teammates. Those aliens in the Service-to-Other who are visiting Earth have lifted their eyes to the farther horizon, and like your Peace Corps, are here to help. Ultimately, this makes for a better neighborhood, so this effort is not entirely without self interest.

As ourselves, the Zetas, will be incarnating on Earth as the Transformation progresses, we have a particular interest in seeing the Earth and her people evolve, rather than be despoiled. You have a beautiful world, a glorious world, and are spewing poisons into it and decimating species with no thought of tomorrow. Preserving Earth for the future is most definitely one of the Zeta agendas.


The Zetas are NOT the greys. But they look grey. It's confusing.

Greetings to St. Helena Island.