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A brand spankin' new field of esoteric investigation for me (I am, and still am, investigating the fascinating subject of simultaneous time) is the relationship of other dimensions to our 3rd dimensional body via adenosine triphosphate (ATP), adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and DNA.

I haven't sorted it out yet, in fact these pages are more like study notes than revelations, but you're welcome to come along for the ride. If you're a friend or just curious about the belief systems I hold regarding the nature of my current reality this page is a good place to start.

Okay: without weirding anybody out too much I'll simply say that like plants, our bodies metabolize light. The marker for this cellular activity is the amount of adenosine triphosphate in our cells. The energy for cellular functioning comes from an energy production and storage system which shuttles energy back and forth between ATP and ADP. This may be accepted science at this point, I don't know. But I found this on a recent web search.

Modern Science says it like this:

The food we eat is oxidized to produce high-energy electrons that are converted to stored energy. This energy is stored in high energy phosphate bonds in a molecule called adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. ATP is converted from adenosine diphosphate by adding the phosphate group with the high-energy bond. Various reactions in the cell can either use energy (whereby the ATP is converted back to ADP, releasing the high energy bond) or produce it (whereby the ATP is produced from ADP). 

URL Address: http://cellbio.utmb.edu/cellbio/mitochondria_1.htm
Gwen V. Childs, Ph.D., Program Director
gvchilds@utmb.edu (409) 772-1942

Okay, warning,  here is where I leave accepted traditional science. Heretics, come with me...

In our millennium timeframe, Mitochondria are beginning to absorb NEW color/tonal/frequency activations and produce more ATP than before, say, 1988.  It used to be that our cells could not absorb enough light to stabilize the phosphate bond, so it would break down very rapidly into ADP. HOWEVER: 

Our cellular metabolism is being speeded up - through 5th dimensional spin points in our auras that produce Sound and Light frequencies which change the spin of the cells' molecules, especially hydrogen atoms.  Undifferentiated Light from our Oversoul (you can think of this as Divine Plan, God, whatever you call the all-that-is, or even if you prefer: our own selves in a consciousness of a more-encompassing perspective)  pours into the 5th dimensional tetrahedrons that link our chakras to the frequency and amplitude of our multiselves..... Okay I'm losing you guys. Bottom line:

Since the mitochondria recognize light as food and produce more ATP when receiving light (subtle energies) as usable, less ATP turns into ADP. As the atomic spin in the ATP molecule increases, a NEW functioning emerges. The 3 phosphate groups forming the stalk of the ATP molecule begin to act like an antenna for undifferentiated Light, and the symmetrical head of the molecule acts like a prism, breaking down the Light into subtle color spectrums, NOW usable by the dormant DNA encodements.

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) USED to act as a one way messenger. It carried directives from the active 7% of our DNA to the other parts of the cell for execution, such as what proteins to synthesize. RNA is in the process of becoming a 2 way messenger. I think of this as similar to our CD laser technologies transmuting from read ONLY to read-WRITE, and now to read-write DVD.  Or Cable TV transmuting from Receive only (getting the TV picture via broadband) to the Transmit-Receive (sending Internet data uploads via broadband) that cable modems provide. The timeframes are similar. And not everybody has it yet.

The one-way DNA-to-RNA information transfer were closed systems. They are beginning to open in an accelerated manner. The entire planet and its population appears to be doing a strong re-evaluation. The polarization of energies is happening at more and more heightened levels. It's almost like the volume is being turned up. Planetary polarization is becoming more and more intense. Do not get trapped in the illusion of duality. INTEGRATE the polarities.

We awaken in waves as each of us learns to carry information and broadcast it. If everyone were awakened at once, it would be very chaotic. And if 911 is any indication, it is chaotic enough already. The awakening must happen as you are able to handle it, because putting too much light into an element that cannot handle it would blow a fuse. If the electrical currents are not matched up, the body can be destroyed.

Some other 12-strand DNA links

"Your DNA is a choice.  You choose to be connecting with and creating of specific elements of your DNA." You hold endless choices within probabilities.  Therefore, you merely create a choice and you actualize that choice.  If you are choosing to align with your officially accepted reality, you shall create within the confines and direction of your genetics.  If you are choosing not to be aligning with your officially accepted reality, you may move outside of the direction of your genetics.  It is merely a choice.  You may choose to be altering your DNA, which is outside of your officially accepted reality.  It is merely a choice.  But this is not to discount your reality, for it is reality and you have chosen to be aligning with it.  Therefore, if you are acquiring a genetic disease, you are choosing to align with your official reality.  This is merely not to say that you hold no options to alter this reality.  It is placing no right or wrong or good or bad to your choices.  They are merely your choices for experience." - Elias Channeled

The Sirian High Council

Paramount to the activation of your new light bodies is the repair of your existing DNA bio-data and the activation of dormant DNA codes within you – genetic information that has been rendered inactive and fragmented due to the manipulation of the electromagnetic frequencies of inner and outer Earth. These genetic snippets of disassembled DNA must be replicated to RNA and then interpreted, to become manifest as the amino acids that serve as the building blocks of a new and highly complex hyperstructure of human DNA, which will eventually restructure as the full 12-stranded complex your race held at its inception and which has lain dormant in you from that moment forward.

Kryon's DNA Discussion

You continue to study DNA as if it is a static thing [like a formula or postulate in science]. I'll explain that comment in a moment. But when my partner started this work, he didn't talk much about DNA. Now, since the magnetic grid realignment, that's just about all we talk about! What has happened between then and now in your linear time-frame is astonishing. [16 years] It's astonishing not just in your own science but even in the esoteric, since we now are now even labeling the DNA layers. We're giving them names in Hebrew.

Some have asked, "Why are they in Hebrew? Why are they not in an older language such as Lemurian or perhaps Sumerian?" The answer: Go find a dictionary of Sumerian and Lemurian and we might do that… but there is no such thing. So the core language of the planet that is most understood, the most profound, and that has the seeds of creation, is Hebrew. So this is where we go and you'll see science doing it, too, for they understand how profound it is.

We're starting to identify the layers of DNA for you and we're trying to give you an interdimensional picture of how they all fit together. It's an impossible task, for to you, twelve is always twelve. There's one, then there's two, then there's three, and four and they're all in a row. Well, they're not! They exist on top of one another and they touch one another in ways that are complex. For example: we told you that layers four and five only go together: they can only work together. Yet there would be those who say, "Well, why is it that they can only work together? If that's the way it is, why aren't they one layer? Why two that can't be separated?" And the answer is, "yes." [laughter] It's impossible to describe color to those who have never seen it. It's impossible to describe interdimensional things to those who are only in four dimensions.

We also told you about two kinds of layers of DNA that sound similar: they both deal with the Akashic Record. But one layer is personal and one is universal. And they touch each other constantly and exchange information. In addition, they both touch layer one, which is the 4D biological layer. They are always "touching" all the others, so they are interactive. You can't put them in a box and give them names and tell what they do… but I do it anyway, to help you get a start on the understanding.

I'm going to tell you about another one tonight, and you're going to want to put it in a box again. Some will say, "Kryon spoke about that one, and it's very interesting. It does this or that..." as though the other ones didn't. They're all together! Again, we say it's like soup. You're about to taste DNA information. The ingredients are there, but they don't label themselves for you. They're just there and they work together to create nutrition, taste, and even pleasure. It's like that with DNA and before we launch into this discussion we have to remind you of this yet again. Whatever we tell you, remember it's a fraction of the story.

Examination of DNA

We'll start by concentrating on the chemical. Most of you are not scientists, so we'll speak in common language. Imagine DNA for a moment… a twisted pair of nucleotides hanging on a superstructure of sugar. There's a lot of it when you start looking at it, but there are only four parts repeated so often and in so many ways, it's staggering: three billion base pairs are involved.

This enormous number of base pairs is supposed to make up the entire Human genome, and it's something you recently have "mapped" and you should be proud of this. But what I'm going to present to you tonight is this: You're in a box and you're biased! Even in this beginning study of mapping the DNA, you're biased. You think you know how it works, but you don't, and you're looking for only what you expect to find, since you think you know how it works.

Three billion base pairs! Well, the genome map is done but it's like getting a book in a foreign language you have never seen. Finally, you've been able to photograph every page and now you can see very single letter. So now it's time to interpret the unknown language and make sense of what the map says, in this Human genome. And here's where the bias comes in, because right away your scientists say. "We happen to notice there's a whole lot of coding and chemistry, but there's only three percent that seems to be doing anything at all! We can tell that the three percent is doing something because these are the protein-coded DNA parts which create the genes of the Human Genome. The rest, ninety seven percent, seems to be doing nothing."

Your biologists continue: "It's not going to be that hard to find the answers we need, because we have discovered that only three percent of DNA does anything at all, and there are only about 40,000 genes that are created from this three percent of protein coded parts. Now we can begin to find out what makes the body work, and throw away the bulk of the non protein coded DNA because it's just somehow left over from thousands of years of evolution. In fact, we're going to call it junk."

Ninety-seven percent of your DNA, science has labeled "junk." Now there are some things that may be wrong with this, even in your own 4D reality and logic. Let's just study one or two of them. But first, let's say why they do this. In review they say, "Obviously, this non coded part of DNA is left over from Human development. It is no longer needed, and it is no longer used. It's junk. Somehow the ancient Human needed it, but they don't now." And here's how they prove their logic. They say, "Because an onion has 36 billion base pairs… twelve times the size of the Human Genome, it's obvious that it's got a lot of junk, too"

They continue in their logic: "Onions are no match for the complexity of a Human, so obviously nature has created even more junk DNA for this vegetable than Humans have. It must be the way nature works. Onions are not smart, like Humans." Really? I just want you to notice that onions don't make war. [laughter] Get outside the "I think I know how it works" syndrome. Onions may be far more complex than you think. What if they had imprinted instructions so that nutrition and the rich relationship to Gaia goes very deep… more complex in an interdimensional level than even what you are going through as a Human. Did you ever think of that? Maybe there's a purpose for them that is hiding... one that requires a connection with all the vegetables on the planet!

The ninety seven percent of Human DNA is NOT junk. Let's examine nature for a moment. How many of you have ever studied the beautiful process of natural change which you call evolution? Indeed, it has shaped the planet profoundly, and the process of life is very efficient. You can see it operate even in your own lifetime within certain species. Those scientists who have studied biology tell you that the fish on the bottom of the ocean who no longer need eyes, dropped them. The creatures who no longer needed legs, developed flippers... and vice-versa. It doesn't always take that long, either, and you can actually watch it work within insects as they change their survival colors over several generations to match what is happening with the environment, or changes within their predators.

You see, evolution is very, very efficient. It doesn't create waste. It's always in survival mode. So I ask you, how does that fit the model of your DNA being ninety seven percent junk? Do you really believe that your biology evolved so preciously and beautifully with help from the seeds of the Seven Sisters into a place where you stand with ninety seven percent junk? No. It doesn't work that way.

"So, What's it about, Kryon?" You might ask.

Here's the first metaphor of the day: You've identified all of the letters of the DNA code, but you then make presuppositions about them, and the one you have made is one of the worst. You've decided from the depths of your wisdom, and all that you know, that the only one letter in the DNA is important, and (let's pretend for the metaphor) it's the letter "e." Now remember, this is a metaphor. So therefore, the only DNA words you're going to pay attention to within the three billion base-pairs are the words that have an "e" in them! After all, everybody knows that words that don't have an "e" are junk!

Your limitation, based on this poor assumption, is that your awareness of the way things probably work is to eliminate all letters but the "e." In this metaphor, that letter happens to be your idea of the way genes work, and genes are the building blocks of life and the only active chemistry you can see in action. Furthermore, your science says that genes are chemically built within DNA by protein encoded DNA. If you don't see the protein codes, or the letters that make up protein codes, you're not going to get any genes, which you feel are the only blocks of life that are important. Therefore, as the argument goes, if there are no protein codes within the DNA, then it's junk. In other words, ignoring the history of evolution, you have prejudged the way it all works and decided what is important and what is not based on your premise.

What we wish to tell you, dear Human Being, is that the "junk"… the ninety seven percent, - is where the gold is. It's in the RNA. There are over 120,000 genes in the Human genome. Some day you'll find out we're right, because if you only count the "Ees"  there's only 40,000! (back to the metaphor again) Look at this puzzle in the following way: The protein encoded portions of DNA are the mortar and the bricks for the buildings of life, constantly being constructed within the body. The genealogy that you study so diligently is only protein encoded, and represents only the bricks of the building. The intelligence of the design, and the part that represents the instruction sets is the RNA, and represents the majority of your DNA… but it's not organized in a linear fashion, and therefore there are no encodings that make sense.

In linearity, you expect the DNA words to have a certain shape, as in mathematics or computer programming. If you look at a code, it normally has start and stop markers. It has indicators that are linear. It's the same in biology, except you only observe the linear markers in three percent of DNA. Within the ninety seven percent RNA, there is no coding that makes any sense. It's interdimensional, written in an interdimensional language that will not make sense to anyone until they start using base-twelve math. Then it will flip into a pattern, a grid. You'll start to see the repeating parts, and there are a lot of them. You'll start to coordinate the RNA and the instructions to the genealogy that is protein encoded. The instruction codes are twelve layers deep.

Now I ask you, if you wished to really study DNA, would you want to know about the bricks, or would you like to talk to the mason who is laying them? The answer is self evident. Yet you study only the bricks, and how to replace them if they go bad. You don't seem to care about studying the layer of the bricks, or his blueprint.

"Kryon, what's the secret to this RNA communication? You say there are instruction sets, but how do they communicate? How do they communicate to layers you can't see that are interdimensional?" In order to answer this in the best way we can, we will now introduce still another of the twelve DNA layers......


Anne Brewer The Power of Twelve (a good book, and a great place to start) Even ex-VPs of Sprint have multidimensional experiences. She suggests that you consciously request that you are ready to begin the recoding process, and accept your soul contract- to commit to the light before accepting the increased power that expanded consciousness brings. I just learned that as of Jan 1 2002 I'm in the 7th phase of the recoding process. (!)

Vianna Stibal Go Up and Seek God  She is a faith healer with some very dramatic results. Her guides have explained the DNA recoding process and she shares them in this book.

Selacia  a student of Vianna Stibal and a channel for the Council of Twelve

Barbara Marciniak Channeling Pleiadians

IET integrated energy therapy

The Wingmakers

Question 18 – Given that bio-technology is booming and that there are many ethical concerns about harvesting stem cells from fetuses, cloning etc., do the Hierarchy regard any of it as being useful? Or is it just humanity creating monsters on a higher turn of the evolutionary spiral as they did in Lemuria - but this time with more intelligence? Is the karma of that period working itself out now?

Answer 18 – The research into cloning will uncover an important component of the Grand Portal*. It is seen as vital research and is nearly always a necessary step on the path to discovery in a developing species. The human genome research does not, in and of itself, concern itself with the replicable nature of recombinant DNA, and it is this distinction that makes research into cloning valuable. There is within this study an emerging knowledge of how Primal DNA can be scientifically activated by interacting with the gatekeepers of a specific gene’s potential: histones**.   - James, for The Wingmakers

The Cassiopaeans

A: DNA core is as yet undiscovered enzyme relating to carbon. Light waves were used to cancel the first ten factors of DNA by burning them off. At that point, a number of physical changes took place including knot at top of spine. Each of these is equally reflected in the ethereal. Light wave alteration.

Q: (L) And light waves, actual light waves, affect DNA?         

A: Yes. Changes in the ozone layer certainly reflect a difference in the amount of radiation from the sun that passes through the atmosphere.

       -The Cassiopaeans (6th density awareness)  http://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/wave_iii.htm

*Grand Portal = Scientific proof of the existence of the Human Soul

**Histones are part of the core proteins of nucleosomes. New investigations suggest that a class of proteins called linker histones act as gate keepers to the genome controlling accessibility to specific genes.


Bashar on DNA

We want you all to recognize that your so-called twelve
strand DNA is not physiological. You do not have twelve strands of
DNA in your body; nor will you ever have. It is not a physiological
thing. The idea is that you have two with an implicit third for the
purpose of tapping into all of the other levels of DNA template
energy, but those are not in your physical dimension of experience.
The recapturing of your twelve strands means a realignment with all
different levels of dimensionality of yourself, and tapping into the
templates that will allow the strands that exist physically within you
to become more perfectly aligned. You understand that first of all?

Q: Yes.

B: Therefore, similar to what we have been discussing already and
just to use your terminology, for sake of simplicity, what prevents
you from tapping into the information, the knowledge, the alignment,
the energy that would be representative of accessing all those levels
of dimensionality of your DNA patterns, your templates, is, again, the
choices you make, the belief systems that you have, the restrictions
and resistances that you have to your natural self, and the
limitations that you have continued to impose upon yourself with
regard to the creation of toxic environments, and so on and so forth.

The idea is that alignment, relaxation, clarification, removal of
toxins from the system, flushing of the system, is necessary, and a
variety of things can be utilized to achieve this. But primarily,
primarily it is fear, which is based on beliefs, patterns, and
definitions. That's all really, that's all. You have total
accessibility to these ideas, but when you have already bought into
certain beliefs structures, those beliefs, by definition, do not give
you the capability of seeing the routes, the methodologies that would
allow you most easy access to those other levels of self. Because, by
definition, each belief system is self-reinforcing, self-contained and
doesn't necessarily contain a definition that says you have an ability
to go beyond that belief system. Unless you allow yourself the
foundational belief system that says that all belief systems can be
transmuted. All belief systems can have a back door that will allow
you to access another belief system, and to change the belief system
you now have, easily and quickly, and effortlessly, and lovingly, and
creatively, and joyfully. You understand?

Q: Yes.

B: Nothing else really prevents you from accessing all of that; there
are many different ways you can do it.

Now, in your present day and age, however, there are more and more and
more things now coming to light that will give your people more
ability, faster ability, to access all of that energy. We have begun
to now discuss one such idea that is coming to light in your society
very rapidly, and will be introduced in the very near future in large
scale to your society. The rediscovery of the appropriate way to
process and ingest certain elemental substances such as gold, that
will act to create your body, your cellular structure to become more
superconductive, and in so doing, give you the ability to process more
easily, more lovingly and more effortlessly, those impediments, those
resistances which may still remain within your belief systems; and to
give you more allowance and more willingness to love yourselves
unconditionally, to go through those transformative processes more
quickly. To change them, to release, to grow and to access all that
you are capable of accessing from a physiological dimension.

These, again, will be known to you very rapidly; they are already
beginning to be known to some. All right?

Q: Yes, thank you.

B: The idea is to understand, as we have discussed from time to time
that it is not so much that the DNA is within you, but that YOU ARE
DNA PHYSICALLY. The first physical being that you are is DNA. Then the
DNA being - consciousness expressing itself in physical reality as DNA
- that being then surrounds itself, builds from itself, whatever kind
of vehicle, shall we say, best suits it in the environment in which it
wants to explore, i.e., your body.

Q: Um hum.

B: But you are the DNA being, that is what you are as a physical
being - all of you, you are a DNA being first, "cellularly,"
molecularly. Thus then, by getting back in touch with the fact that
you are a DNA being inside, again, euphemistically, some sort of a wet
suit. you understand?

Q: Yes.

B: To explore the environment, to give yourself mobility and sensory
apparatus, by getting in touch with the fact that you are the DNA
being, instead of the thinking of DNA as something within you, you can
then get in touch with the ability to activate the signals and the
commands from the DNA.

Because you will understand that it is not a mysterious process, it is
something that is simply representative of your cognizance, your
intention, of whatever it is you wish to do and accomplish. And that
will be sent along the templates, along the neurological pathways
stemming from the DNA - activated by it. And certain alterations will
be made to accommodate that necessary thing to allow you to explore
what you need to explore.

At the same time, what you have also created within the body
structure, not so much a cellular idea, no so much a master cell, but
at the center of the hemispheres of the brain, what you call the
Corpus Callosum, in that center and guided by, to some degree, the
pituitary and the pineal, is the idea of a true gateway, a true
dimensional gateway, through which all information pours into the
neurological net of your system.

So by coordinating the idea of being a DNA being with that void, that
empty space in the center of your brain that is the doorway, the black
hole, so to speak, into all dimensions, you can create a very strong
dynamic between those two concepts. That is a very, very powerful key
to making changes within yourself neurologically, biologically,
biochemically, energetically - all sorts of things.

There are many different ways that you can go about getting in touch
with the fact that you are a DNA being. Use your imagination to come
up with what might be called a meditational exercise to FEEL the idea
of going down smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller until you
yourself are, literally, what you have heretofore thought of as the
DNA helix within your body. Become that helix. Become it. Start to
identify as it, and you will unlock powers you never imagined were
possible in physical reality.

Q: Oh.

B: Transmutation, you understand?

Q: Yes.

B: Does this help you?

Q: Yes, thank you very much.

B: Thank you. Sharing!

A discourse from Emit-

Your computer systems use a language made up of two simple letters ,i.e. "1" and "0". It is the most fundamental of all information systems. With these two "letters" your computer can recognize words, sentences, paragraphs and indeed whole books of instruction which is processed by what you call simply the CPU... central processing unit. Your "information systems analysts" have correctly determined that no information system can create itself. It is necessarily a product of design.
Your DNA is a comparable system of information made up of four, two squared, letters, e.g. A, is for adenine, G is for guanine, C is for cytosine, T is for thymine, which are the nucleotide bases that are the building blocks of the DNA molecule. DNA is self replicating because it is "programmed" to do so. Every cell in the body is determined by the sequence...words, of these four bases along the strand that form the paragraphs... genetic structures. The remarkable aspect of this is that the four bases are a "code" and when put into the proper sequence form a code of instructions on how to fashion the various cells of the body. This code did not evolve over time. It is the signature of the Source given to the Elohim to create our bodies.
Programmed in our DNA are seemingly unused parts that many of your genetic scientists call, "junk DNA." This is far from the truth!

Your life scientists know from experimentation that protozoa have the ability to recombine their and modify their own DNA in order to pass down physical traits as well as non-physical traits such as the ability to cope with certain stresses placed upon it. It is a function of all DNA in every living thing. It is the reason that evolution is true but not as taught in learning institutions. Your scientists are taught the dogma of natural selection through random processes when in fact it is a process just described, albeit in simple terms, that involves the coded programs within DNA responsible for organisms changing form over time. It is also the explanation of how highly organized and specialized structures, such as the eye and bird wings, are produced within organisms that are essential for survival of a species.

Your controllers can never allow you to know this truth. So long as you believe that you are a product of random processes and the religious leaders convince you that you are a "worm", a worthless being without their God-dogma, you will never be empowered by the truth which awaits to free you. Interesting that this fact is present in the New Testament when John says ...In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The "word" is none other than the code of life written into your DNA.
Like the protozoa that can modify their own DNA to adjust to certain stresses in their environment, you in this juncture, are seeing this phenomena occur planet wide. The pineal gland is developing within many of your youth and indeed have developed within some born a generation ago. There are those who have developed this ancient gland by DNA reconstruction enough to see the energy flow around the body for example and even some who can see those who have left their bodies in death. Your bodies are recombining it's own DNA to bring you into a new quality of perception that will change your world. Your youth are showing the signs of the new Homosapian coming upon the world stage. Some have even called them by a name ,e.g. "Indigo Children".

The process has been slow by your standard but is accelerating at a rapid pace. Do not be surprised if one day you wake up and find that you are able to lift objects with your mind make your physical body invisible to others or have some other "gift" that has been encoded in your DNA for this particular era. It will, as always has been, be a gift programmed in your genes by the Source that fashioned you and provided the soul that was breathed within you at birth to insure your continued existence and advancement. Once you connect with the quantum field by way of a fully developed pineal gland, among other atrophied neuro-structures, humankind will have the necessary tools to resist the controllers and assist in their eventual demise. You will have taken the next step in the evolutionary journey that will increase your awareness of the quantum field and the ability to manipulate it to a degree. They will be your graduation gifts. You will become a new species with new abilities but also they will bring new responsibilities toward your fellow human. With each graduating class of souls, there are those who do not pass. They will stay behind and start the cycle anew as each cycle has been with Lemuria, Atlantis and the other myriad civilizations that carried on the journey of young developing souls.

End Discourse