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Simultaneous Time and synchronicity


Time is the collective of all moments of all experience

simultaneously existing within non-time

which is usually referred to as eternity.   



...for Earth, and for the 3rd Dimension, the way the game is set up is that you only see one timeline. You don't see all the other spokes on the wheel. And you think there's only one. And you think that's the only one that you're ever on. And that you walk down it. And its got a Past, Present and a Future.

It's a little different than that.

How it really works, and we'd like to call this 'the Harp of Probability'---it's  your quantum physics. So if you want to think about a harp, and the different strings on the harp itself, and as you pluck a string, it has a particular vibration to it. Each version of a probable reality has different frequency to it. Some of the details are slightly different.

And what happens is that you project yourself, you focus your energy, if you think about it as a beam of light, coming down, a spotlight, it's  very solid, the light's not diffused at all-- and you're focused and projecting on one string: that's you, projecting into a body on a timeline.

So you're inhabiting this body, and you don't see any of the other timelines.

Now, you're constantly moving back and forth on the strings, to chose different vibrations based on your choice.  But because you're perceiving everything through the mind, and the mind is beautiful thing, and it's what allows you to see and experience a linear reality, the mind tells you that you're only on one timeline. But you're constantly moving back and forth, and occasionally you will sense it as deja vu. You've been here before, yes, you were on that similar event event --on another timeline.

And when you start to understand this, it helps you to really manipulate events.

-Shifting Time (ęCopyright 2008 Higher Frequencies All Rights Reserved
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October 2009      Munich, Germany    167 minutes

Restrictions on Event Manipulation set down by the Galactic Council -

Now there are also restrictions that are placed on time jumping and the manipulations of timelines. If you want to talk about your Galactic Federation... we have observed we've watched what's going on, and there have been beings who have been observing and watching but also participating and they are not ofF the original time line. So when they start to participate there is the potential to alter the timeline to such an extent that it can destroy the timeline. And so as a collective we all agreed that timeline jumping would be monitored. So if you're not OF a timeline, you can't participate, you can only observe. Or if you are participating it has to be at a level where it doesn't interfere. Your sci-fi's are pretty close to how things exist in the higher realms. With the organizations. And the initiatives. They're pretty close. So when we tell you about these things it just sounds like fantasy. But where do you think you're getting your ideas and inspiration from in the first place? Reality! 

--Pleiadian Lecture Series:
"Stellar Connections and the
Integration of Galactic Wisdom"


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All of time is but a single moment of duration but it is our consciousness which has narrowed the focus to the point necessary to perceive a present instant as distinct from both the past and the future. All of time that ever was exists right now and at this moment.  There is actually only one moment in creation. Everything you experience is the same moment from a different point of view. There is a time axis about which a parallel universes of physical reality revolve. The play is eternal. You are a multi-dimensional being. You fill existence. You reflect the infinite. The plan is to unify all past time into the ONE past, and all futures into the ONE future. This creates a very potent NOW. The NOW is the crossroads where decisions can be made as to the appropriate course of action. We have free will to choose and create our reality.

I need help with this idea of "Universal NOW". It seems obviously wrong.

In the potent moment of the NOW, you have available to you information from all the multi-selves:

your past-life aspects, personal records, your ancestral DNA, and your higher self. Which is another way of saying that you are a multi-dimensional being, which most of us keep forgetting. Through accessing the NOW, you can bring realities from the future to manifest in your now. This will release Karma from the past by activating and de-activating time patterns. Your present is not the result of your past. It is ALL NOW. Once you fully understand this you can break the connection to the 3rd density. This is one of the major underlying secrets of initiation.

We exist in a Free-will universe. That means you can choose to do something that is not in accordance with the will of your spirit. Whenever this happens, a parallel reality is spun off which follows what spirit wanted. This happens every time you make a choice which differs from the choice of spirit. As you awaken and begin to follow Spirit, no new parallels are created, and those that were created from your earlier choices are being pulled back and merged. You are living in constant, daily merging of thousands of parallels on this planet. When all there parallels have merged, all you have left is the reality that reflects the path of Spirit from the Dawn of Creation. 

Likewise, you don't have to create the reality you desire, because it already exists - among the infinite probable realities all simultaneously co-existing.  All you have to do is make yourself an effective "antenna", so that by similarity of vibrations, you can receive that reality. And this makes it physiologically "real" for you. I acknowledge that this is a difficult concept.

Linear time is one of the definitions of physical reality. Space-time is one thing. Time is warped in space and not the other way around. Volume and timing are the products of the definition of the 3rd dimension in which we exist on Earth, and even in some of the more astral dimensions as well. You have to be of a higher frequency, away from that physical reality to break free from linear time. You experience this to a degree when you dream.

What we call our physical body is not something that our consciousness is "in," nor is it something that our consciousness "leaves" upon death. Our physical body is INSIDE of our consciousness.

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Hatonn: I am aware of your problem. It is an understanding of time. I will attempt to instruct you as to the nature of time. It is not very simple to you, I am sure, but it is very simple to us. simply because we are aware of time in a different way than you are aware of time.

Time, my friends, is in your mind. There is only now, and there is only here. The reason that there appears to be a reciprocal nature between space and time in your world is because your world is, shall we say, designed to produce this illusion. It is an illusion necessary for certain catalytic actions that you enjoy in your present state for the purpose of your continued spiritual growth and evolution.

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