Harmonic Wave Template

What do hex signs, The Flower of Life, & the Israeli flag have in common?

This hex sign is found frequently in English churches and is usually identified as a consecration mark Although frequently used in a Christian context, the hex may have been in use for at least 5000 years and appears in several different cultures, including the Dutch. 




If you look closely and remove a few lines, you can make out the YIN-YANG symbol...

Korean Flag

Crop Circle

...and the Star of David

Israeli Flag


This is the most stable geometric wave function that can represent a repeating cycle.

At the very center of this symbol is what can be referred to as point A. For illustration's sake we will begin in 1947. This is Harmonic Initiation, the starting point for whatever cycle of activity is being described. For it is like a stone being dropped into a pond of water, beginning to create vibrations that moved outward in ever-expanding spirals and circles.

If you pluck a string on a guitar, you see that it vibrates back and forth. You see ghost images of two strings as the two end points are fixed, while the middle part begins to vibrate in harmonic resonance with itself, in polarity resonance. This is illustrated by the white petal within the green circle. These vibrations from the activity/event or "plucking"  represented by the yellow petal are the idea of the stone first dropped, and then the resonance(s) going out and coming back together at the end, at the tip of the petal.

Now the tip of these petals define a small circle within the larger circle. That is where we were in 1987, the year of the Harmonic Convergence. Point b represents the coming together of all the vibratory interstices, all the vibratory action, that determine the particular type of opening and momentum of that year. Notice in the center of each yellow petal the arrows at either side defining the widest point of polarity resonance. Simply stated it is the farthest point, the farthest polarity experience that any chord will strike. So from the center of the circle to the tip of the yellow petal represents 40 years. From the tip of this petal all the way to the outer large circle is another 40 orbits. Thus you have described (circumscribed) an 80 year radius (a to d). At the tips of the petals you can see that every two of those petals in turn describe a larger orange petal, and at the tips of the yellow petals there is again a representation of a larger polarity resonance.  Polarity resonance number two.

There are no more petals now, but only the spheres that fit within the larger sphere, those moving into the green. From the point of the tips of the orange petals outward, where the lines cross again, the next point is where each circle meets tangentially at the edge of the larger circle. So you have point A at the center, point b at the tips of the yellow petals, point c at the tips of the orange petals, and where the small circle meets the outside of the larger sphere, you have point d.

The Harmonic Convergence actually initiated the second part of a four part harmonic. The first part, begun in 1947 years ago with the Roswell crash, is now officially a non-event. This was the year wherein we began to recognize, even covertly, that extraterrestrial or other-dimensional civilizations do exist. From the 40s to the late 80s we were busy forming global links with all the major cultures on Earth and beginning to examine new modes of thought with regard to the religious manifestations in our world.

At the tips of the orange petals is 2017, the realities are converging, those that were initiated 40 years ago at point b will be represented by Harmonic Identification. This is the point which represents when the vibrational frequency of the particular reality you choose will literally begin to separate from all other realities, literally placing you in whatever parallel Earth to which you are most aligned!

As we then begin to separate from all other realities, all other parallel/possible/probable Earths, we'll continue the outer curve toward Harmonic Synchronization- 2027 at the point when that will be the only experience we have on Earth. It will be representative of what we have identified ourselves with, and have accelerated from point C within us. In forming synchronization at the outer edge that is 40 years hence, it will then only be a world that contains the things we identified  most strongly with at point c, when we separated from all other probable realities.

Wake up now, and you will allow the transformations upon our planet to be ones of blending and smooth harmony, so that it will be the Great Dawn, the rising sun, the 13th gate. There is no need for us to be shaken awake.

The flower of life is a fundamental pattern that the Universe is laid out on, so even the molecular and atomic grids are laid out in this pattern; therefore it's the platform that unfolds destiny. It is the blueprint. Without it there would be no manifestation. As an aside: some of you may recognize within this the natural mathematical relationships that we call the Fibonacci Series.

" Influenced by many external and internal forces, humankind is undergoing a massive restructuring toward becoming more consciously aware of extensive inner truths. Now is the time for you to own your mind, if there is one left to own. Many people do not yet consider it a priority to own their mind; however, in the next number of years a few of the probable challenges you face will most assuredly raise the issue, as the battle for the control of your attention escalates. In many parts of the globe people are kindling a common-sense spiritual revolution based on the desire and life-given right to perceive reality and use their senses and attention in any way they choose. When your attention is flittered and dissipated from one random, meaningless idea to another or filled with electronic entertainment addictions, your mind, your most valuable resource, is caged in. We dare you to fly the coop and own your thinking. Make use of your great perceptions and proceed to flourish with courage and clear intent. Otherwise, you may find yourselves deeply immersed in the insidious structures of mind control, which are actually old structures of mind management recycled in a cosmic karmic replay where cyborgs, chips, cloning and genetic engineering are billed as the exciting, thrilling "only way to go."

During the years 1987 to 2012, the development of conscious awareness involves the creation of various probable worlds. Probabilities arise as a result of clear intent and strong desire, and are established through a telepathic link of like-mindedness. Long, long ago we saw that two major probabilities would emerge from this period involving the choice between fear or love. You are the creators of your experiences, and you are quite fortunate to be alive and aware during this time of great choosing; our advice is to trust your inner vitality and choose love. " - The Pleiadians

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