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Many of my friends don't know I'm a student of New Age or Esoteric teachings.

At the age of 14 I discovered Astrology,  at first via Linda Goodman, but then Dane Rhudhyar, Sepharial, and Djwhal Khul's outstanding text, Esoteric Astrology. Think of it as studying the qualities of different types of energy, not daily horoscopes.  I read Autobiography of a Yogi. I fancied myself a Philosopher.

The search for the Truth, the nature of reality, what many mean when they say God, what ever you chose to call the un-namable Source Creator, the All that Is, led me to study at  University of Chicago's Philosophy Dept. Once there, I didn't find logical philosophical argument as compelling as the heart-based wisdom I found in New Age texts. Egoic intellectualism seemed like dead words on paper compared to the heart-based channeled teachings I began to explore. Michael's teaching was a profound and early influence on me in 1986.

Since then, investigations into other-dimensions, simultaneous time, past life regressions and progressions are almost at the time period (2006) where the subjects can be talked about over dinner with strangers. Well, okay... at least reincarnation and karma and perhaps meditation. The subject of extra-terrestrial/non third-dimensional life forms still seems to be somewhat taboo. And parallel lives|alternate selves is a difficult subject for anyone.  Not many people have heard about 12 strand DNA recoding either. This great groundswell of human consciousness towards these esoteric subjects is sometimes called the Wave or the Shift.

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