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    Higher-dimensional sources of information


The perspective expressed by non-physical entities is often from a higher awareness than the average human perspective. I prefer non-human teachers to human ones for that reason. Here is a list of some of my beloved teachers.


RA  - a 6th dimensional teacher.  A narrow frequency, and a very undistorted truth

Tobias  - Do you often find yourself playing the role of  a  teacher of  new-age wisdom?  This site is especially for you.

9th Dimentional Pleiadian Collective- a group of about 2500 souls

Q'uo - Hatonn, Latwii and Ra blend the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensional perspectives .

Elias  - a personality essence in the teaching mode. The great spirit that informed Oscar Wilde.

Abraham - a group soul teacher

Kyron - A magnetic master

The Group

P'taah - Pleiadian wisdom

Bashar - a cheeky and humorous teacher from approximately  300 years in our future.

Kyron - A magnetic master

The Group

Archangel Michael - The  archangel speaks

The Goddess of Creation - yep

The Theologians

Maitreya - The world teacher

The Wonders - a group of entities numbering between 3,000 to 4,000 and residing on the 29th dimension of reality, where all reality is comprised of 32 dimensions with God/Goddess/The All That Is residing on the 32nd dimension.

Michael  ("messages from Michael")

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