Who is Michael?  (in this case not Archangel Michael> click here for more on AAMichael)

Michael is the name of a group or "entity" of one thousand fifty souls. For this reason they refer to themselves as "we". The name Michael was chosen somewhat arbitrarily: the last soul in the entity to finish its cycle of physical plane lifetimes had the name Michael (or its equivalent) in its last lifetime, which, according to Michael through the channel Sarah Chambers was about fifteen hundred years ago. 

I am a student of these mid-causal plane teachings, and have been since about 1988. I know of only one other friend who is also a student. I am a junior student among these old souls! 

Once when skeptics criticized the student group for being suspiciously top heavy in self-described  "old souls" I was mentioned as an example of a first level mature soul who is also a student. (My friend is 4th level mature, my boyfriend 5th level mature.)  Sort of like the high school student in grad school, where everyone else in the class is a grad student or a professor. I guess I am still somewhat proud of that fact. Perhaps it's also why I have the urge to share it? It is so new and exciting. The older souls give me the "yeah, but what's for dinner" response. It is old hat to them.

Why should I read this stuff?

In my search for Truth, there do not seem to be many "untrammeled" links to the logos. The bible's translations have been altered, the library at Alexandria was burned. For me, Michael represents a Dynamic link to a 5th dimensional source. It is not the only valid non-3rd dimensional source I've found to be valid: Bashar and Elias would be similar re/sources. Of course they explicitly remind us that the answers they offer should not be taken as fact because of the source, but verified by our own belief and personal experience. I, for one, have found the answers to be very valid, and very relevant indeed. In fact in my investigations I seek out extra-terrestrial sources. It simply means:  not of this earth. extra-dimensional.....which includes a wide range of other-dimensional beings: ascended masters, angels, channeled sources and our own consciousness! (esp. in dreams or under hypnosis, and as you progress, in meditation). Explore. Knock. There are so many doors to be opened! Follow your true interest, without fear.

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Start with the first 3 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro books--Messages from Michael, More Messages from Michael and Michael's People. The 2nd two are out of print, so good luck.

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