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This site is dedicated to helping you expand your idea of Universal Truth.

Greetings in the Love and in the Light of the One Infinite Creator. It is my pleasure to assist in your search for Truth and a privilege to share my thoughts and journey with you.

I would ask that you guard your thoughts and beliefs carefully. Read with some skepticism and a weary eye to the information presented. If the thoughts seem helpful to you, then by all means work with them. That is why I am sharing them. However, if those thoughts do not seem helpful to you then I would ask you please to drop them without a second thought and leave them behind. It is an important consideration to me, for I do not wish to create a stumbling block for your process. Therefore, if you would guard your thoughts carefully, it would enable me to share un-tested channeled information freely. I thank you for your consideration in this regard.

The earnest Truth seeker learns to separate the wheat from the chaff. See the Truth in that which is given and with compassion allow the channel to make mistakes without you being emotionally disturbed by false information. In fact, my friends, this would apply to all of your established, so-called religions of your planet where the original manifestations of Universal Truth and Love had become clouded by the distortions of humans who with their intellect and with the help of lower inspirations have muddied the waters of the original truths. These truths are there and can be recognized. What you cannot use and do not need, discard. Do not become emotionally upset if others have an emotional need for what you consider distortion. Allow them their path to Understanding while knowing that it is not your path to Understanding. There are infinite numbers of beings, each with their own path, each with their own recognition of Truth.

The goal of lightwork is to accentuate the positive, the evolutional, and the teleological* aspects of existence, as demonstrated in service to others (STO). All of us, including yourselves, can claim no better than being the expressive instruments and avenues of this purpose.

"As you begin to witness and experience the coming change, do not hide from yourself and others, stand in your spiritual might and be among the counted, those who chose the higher road. Reach out and touch your fellow beings, offer your strength, your wisdom, courage and power and remind them of theirs. Empower each other and embrace the infinite. You are that might. You are that great power, you are the gentle Love that resides in all things. You are the balance. It is only for the choosing."

I've tried to provide some basic introductions to some of my favorite metaphysical subjects and teachers here.

Adonai vasu borragus,

A Standard of the Order of the Crimson Circle 

*teleology (tĕl'ē-ŏl'ə-jē, tē'lē-) n., pl. -gies.
  1. The study of design or purpose in natural phenomena.
  2. The use of ultimate purpose or design as a means of explaining phenomena.
  3. Belief in or the perception of purposeful development toward an end, as in nature or history

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