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Celebrations help us help each other, they are a cohesive element in a community, they help us define ourselves in relation to each other and the world around us. As Christianity took over the hearts and minds in an area of the world, from the old religion indigenous to it, they often renamed the deity and their festival. Bridgit became St. Bridgit, and  her festival hardly changed at all. The theology and the priests may change, and the rationale for why we are celebrating and what we are celebrating may be different, but the Holiday is indestructibl


There are several spiritual festivals which hold significance for me, and I share them with you.

The Shamballa Festival 

The eternal traditions of Shamballa begin on December 17th  and extend for the entire month, with weeks of ceremonies, ending January 16th. Ascended Masters travel from all over the galaxy through the Light Ray System and gather on School House Earth in the Ancient Golden City of Shamballa.  Celebration of the Freedom Of Ascension and plans for the upliftment of the planet are the main focus.

The four weeks of ceremonies model the four elements:  Earth, Air, Water and Fire.  They are:

Plans for sponsorship of chelas and aspirants are also made at this time.  On-going plans are also reviewed and revised, as necessary.  In all - this Sacred Season is a blessed time for humanity and our planet. May the Blessings and Love of Shamballa be with you eternally. For more information about Shamballa go to: what is Shamballa




The Wesak Festival  

Held at the May full moon. 2004's was crowned by a lunar eclipse and a wonderful moonrise on the following Tuesday. Look this one up on the Web, it is a very sacred festival. Some say it was the full moon under which the Buddha received enlightenment, but I believe that to be metaphorical, to encourage the sanctity of the time. The Aries full moon is also a very powerful time.

The Spring Equinox

One of my PERSONAL favorites, as I was born in Spring. 

The Spring Equinox is my EASTER. The celebration of being born again of the spirit. Renewal. Innocence. A new cycle of beginning. Initiation.

Dates of special numerical significance: 11/11 of 2001 for example.  Some explain it as a MASTER NUMBER> 11:11, 12:12   8/8/2+0+0+6  etc.

Dates of special astrological significance

such as August 16-17 1987, the Harmonic Convergence or the Harmonic Concordance (Nov 8, 2003 -5:12pm PST). I felt  a strong intuitive pull to meditate with others.

the fall equinox and Summer Solstice if I remember

all full moons, for that matter if I remember or notice! Especially  lunar eclipses. And the solar eclipses too.

I have also read where the midpoints of the seasons are powerful times. 

The point of posting this is that you should explore which days in the cosmic/solar/lunar/cycles have special meaning for YOU!

I suggest that you Meditate or Celebrate in a ritual manner at the times when you feel the strongest urge to do so. Did you know that there are many groups helping and hoping to change the Western Calendar back to its more natural rhythms? ( for example a 13 moons calendar) That's good news to my ears. I hope they succeed!


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