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Vegans are from the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra, the star Vega. Vega is precisely 26 light years away. Vegans are primarily six to seven feet tall. The Vegans have thick and tough skin coming in fewer layers. The primary hair color of Vegans is black, but can also be light to dark brown, or have a greenish tinge. Of course, there are some Vegans with absolutely or little to no hair. There really are two classes of Vegans. One class is humanoid. They have very pronounced eyes except, unlike the Zetas, they appear to have eye lids present. The other class of Vegans is the non-human class. They are mammals and are humanoid, but resemble insects or reptiles. The hair of this class is generally greenish in hue. This class is copper based when it comes down to the skin and blood. Thus, this would give their bodily attributes a green color.