Who are the Council of Twelve?


Q:  What is the council of 12 and how will they operate in the fourth light?

CORNELIUS:  The council of 12 is the same council that was here 2,000, 4,000, and 6,000 years ago.  They are here to supervise your Great Shift in Consciousness.  They are the identical particles of light that were here in Master Jesusí time.  The councils come into this journey, position themselves around the globe and talk to each other through the magical field you have here.  They donít need phones or any other device.  When you get into this Shift journey, they will be on the move constantly.  You will never find them where they were the last time you talked to them.  They move like I do, through particleization.  They can re-particle- ize in another space and time.  Their powers are given to them by the Creatorís Force.  They are Seraphim angel particles, who will always be available in light form for anybody to talk to them.
As consciousness split itself, it was necessary for consciousness to be split within 12 beings to hold a resonance for the universe. These 12 beings created the basic building blocks that have allowed worlds to unfold. They maintain the integrity of the system ensuring that the fabric is not ripped, torn or shred, that things run smoothly within the boundaries of their creation. -Conversations with Nomar


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