The Nordics (Nordic aliens, Nordic Lemurians, Nordic Venusians, Nordic other dimensional  beings)  have less patience with humans than other alien groups, and expect humans to grow to the level of 4th Density Service-to-Others before they will engage. They do have many takers, humans pure in heart who have little conflict about their roles or who are in a position, in their incarnation on Earth, to function in this role. There the Nordics work at a high level toward solving the Earth's problems, which are numerous and varied. The Nordics feel they make best use of their efforts in this way, and their track record reflects this. There are no Service-to-Self Nordics at work in the Earth's vicinity at the present time. The Nordics are named for their appearance, as they refused to divulge their constellation of origin to their human contacts, deeming this to be an insignificant issue.

Some say that they are a race of nordic types who come from what is called the DAL Universe. They are a branch of the Lyrians and are very advanced technically and spiritually; about 300-1000 "experiential" years ahead of the Pleiadians. They are helping the Pleiadians in a very similar manner to which the Pleiadians are helping us. Or "nordic" could be a blind for "Lemurian"


Could Admiral Byrd have found an outpost of the Nordic race at the North Pole? 

A: No, his supposedly secret diary was a hoax.

The original story of the Admiral Richard Byrdís Secret Diary first came to light during a radio program hosted by Art Bell. Art was apparently interviewing a member of the Byrd family, cousin, second cousin whatever, when the remarkable story was told about the discovery of the lost diary. Since its initial announcement members of the Byrd have come forward to claim that the person interviewed was not in fact a member of the family and that the lost diaries did not exist.