Bryan asked me to remove his art from my web siteThese beings who come from a land with a name in their language that means VERDANT made contact with a Journalist who wrote a book called The Contact Has Begun.

According to the author, alien beings who have been observing the Earth for 1,000 years have decided that the time has come for mankind to be invited into the Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets.

In this amazing yet purporting to be completely true story, former "Los Angeles Times" copy editor Phillip H. Krapf tells the story of one person's recruitment as the official chronicler of this event.

I've read the book, it's pretty amazing. I recommend it on the beautiful account of the Verdants' discovery of Heaven, and the their story's impact on the (then) atheist author.

Many Paranormal investigators claim that the Verdants have been dissuaded by the Federation from contacting us in the manner described in the book. Given that Phil's account seems to be the ONLY account of such a contact, my interest in them is somewhat minimal.


The name could simply be a blind for a known extra-dimensional species.


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