Horaunus - Interview with a "Tall White" from Sirius territory April 23, 2017

I'm not what you traditionally know as Sirian. I am working with groups of other Aliens around the planet. I'm very friendly.

K: How many "tall white" races are there?

A: A lot. We can see the subtle differences. Different planet sizes determine the size of the species. Our objectives are often similar, but not always the same. We're very advanced. We've been around for a long time.

K: Where are you right now? Are you on your planet?

A: I'm in a space ship above the Indian Ocean. We're doing tectonic plate monitoring, checking the temperature of the oceans, geological science. I'm an Oceanographer. Not just Earth, I've done it other places at well. We monitor whale populations. All kinds of marine life, that's my job.

K: Who employs you?

A: We're not employed. We are part of a collective agreement. We want to advance ourselves in terms of spiritual development, our 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional development. Particularly interesting are what happens in the third dimensional environment because ripple effects into the other dimensions, the other densities. Shifts in consciousness affect everything else. The third dimension is having a big shift in consciousness right now. A BIG one. And that is not just the human race, it is other races as well. There are planets all over this universe having the same process as what we are: a consciousness shift to come up. We're curious. We want to know. It is a collective agreement where the payoff is knowlege. - Alison and Kari's Shiny Show


The symbols they used throughout time were usually of serpents or dogs. Physically, as a generality, the Sirians had darker skin, darker hair and eyes, and were not as large as the Lyrans. As far as their personality characteristics, we would say that they were very devoted to serving mankind. Whereas the Lyrans were committed to ruling mankind, the Sirians were interested in helping or sometimes even saving mankind. They could be very, very zealous, and because of that trait, they often interfered where they did not belong. But you could say they were the crusaders for mankind.

Sirians are principally benign, or Service-to-Others. They have been involved, from time to time, in Earth's history, and therefore take an interest in their handiwork. As with all alien groups, there are some members who are Service-to-Self. These numbers are small in proportion to the membership choosing the Service-to-Others orientation. Likewise with the Pleiadeans and Nordics.


They are a watery, dreamy race who are basically an evolved version of dolphins and whales, somewhat. They are said to live in the Christ consciousness, and are in a solar system very linked with our own in a psychic manner. They too play a role in helping Earth, but they are doing it from a more subtle standpoint, like through the cetaceans in our seas.

HUMAN TYPE C: Very little is known about these. They are supposedly another of the highly evolved, spiritual type of great benevolence to earth humans. I understand that their appearance is similar to other human-type aliens. They are from Sirius and don't appear to be much involved with earth happenings at this time other than being concerned about the Grey scenario. They could desire to be of help to humans.

The Sirians are a people whom assist Earth and its inhabitants. The Sirians are considered to be ‘Spiritual Warriors’ and are more spiritually advanced than most civilizations. They originate from a double star in the constellation Canis Major, or Orion’s Dog. Sirius A (of Sirius A & B) lies only 8 light years away. They appear human, and are distant relatives to us. Though, they are much more evolved technologically and spiritually than us. Here is a crop circle of their star system.

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