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bulletAriella's Page She turned 8 in March 2008
bulletColleen's page    pics from Maui
bulletNahoko's page  My friend from Japan
bulletCheryl's page  My friend since High School
bulletCutest dog in my world: Snowflake


Matt and I visit Rob at Jordan Winery in August of 2005


Some of my friends are so smart that they have web pages of their own.

bulletJeff Lee  home town product. Paul Pope fan. Baby News
bulletLaura Winton's  Spoken Word performance artist in MN known as Fluffy Singler

read Julie Fidler's soul baring diary for an intimate taste of what Chillicothe, Il
was like in the late 70's for a 13-15  year old girl. (I burned mine in a ritual ceremony, if that's any indication.)

bulletSee my shots of a Fashion Show from San Miguel Mexico