Oct 2001 - Doug's Pics 

Dancing in the Pentagram

Tracy & Nahoko, making a fashionable entrance.

Check out Tracy's photos HERE


Ann & Ellie, Sister Heroes.

Karen & Bill, Tracy & Nahoko, enjoying the tunes. 

Nurse, is this enough for another dance?
Dr. Love: "hmm what was I doing before I saw ... ?"

The House Owl watching over the graveyard.  Don't go in there!

ill,  our friendly pharmacist and audiophile. 

TBone, getting ready for the 6 Annual Halloween Party at a total strangers house. I don't even think that robe belongs to him.

He doesn't know it yet, but  he will have to pay me to take this photo off my web site.

(In addition this link will be sent to all potential girlfriends, as a public service.)



Wait, are they sleeping? Must be all that acid.

Nahoko & Ellie, chatting it up.

Geisha practicing come hither look

Blurry castaways, watch out for those rubber fingers.

and we owe our fabulous evening to.......Our lovely hostess: Sheri (and Ed, too We just don't have a picture.)


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