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Editor's Note:  The Arcturian Star Chronicles (Beyond Words Publishing, Hillsboro, Oregon), channeled by multidimensional telepath Patricia Pereira, are one of the great discoveries of my life. They come from a place as powerful and important as it is mysterious and profound.  I cordially urge you all to read the following message:  



From:  The Intergalactic Command, Regional Star Council

            Make no mistake!  You are in the midst of a holy war whose energy origins can be traced back to the fall of Atlantis.    For most of human history the various Dark Lords who primarily belong to the Orion factions or those of the so-called Grays, Reptilians and other lower octave beings, have held a more or less truce between themselves.   But much is at stake and their interests are becoming deeply divided.   Current holy war activities obviously mirror those of the Crusades.  Leaders on both sides have been karmically connected for centuries and they and their team players represent the two predominant negative extraterrestrial factions.     The consortium of extraterrestrials that have power based on economic greed is in conflict with the consortium of Dark Lords who have held power through patriarchal, self-appointed priesthoods.    Throughout history, these beings have more or less confined their activities to the Western world, for Eastern societies have had their own factions of lower extraterrestrial components that have held their cultures in decided disarray.   Humanity has been subjugated to the interests of the Dark Lords for thousands of years.

           The demise of Atlantis created a dimensional collapse that is recorded in the Old Testament as “The Fall.”  Indeed, this is a very specific bit of information, but wildly misinterpreted by said authoritarian patriarchal priests who have made it their business to keep the innocent under their control.   Most Atlantean structural remains are not visible from third-dimensional space because that culture was based in fourth-dimensional energies until its last days, when internal strife between various factions who had acquired extraterrestrial crystal technology caused a rift in dimensional integrity.  The result was a massive blowout in spatial time as Atlantis suddenly dropped from the fourth-dimension into the confinements of the grossly material third-dimension.  Reference to chapter Uluru-Ayers Rock Australia is made for full disclosure of dimensional harmonics pertaining to previous Earth civilizations; which were much more advanced than the current civilization.  The good news is that higher dimensional light forces have brought liquid stellar crystalline technology to Earth and are busy (with the assistance of embodied star-seeds) pulling the third-dimensional planet up to the point where she will eventually erupt into fifth-dimensional light fields.

          When we speak of lower extraterrestrials, we are not making a judgment call.   We are making a statement about their inability to access higher dimensional realms because of certain vibrational octave exclusions placed upon them.  Lower dimensional Dark Lords have never been able to escape the heavier domains and their game playing and manipulative escapades keep them firmly confined to regional harmonics below mid-to lower fourth-dimensional astral realms.  They are firmly kept in their place, for Creation does not allow for dark entities to interject their energies into cosmic octaves of vibrationally refined light.  However, periodically a few of these beings are allowed higher fourth-dimensional access; but they are closely monitored and sent scurrying back to their holes if they attempt any adverse energy manipulation.          

         In current time, there is great danger on Earth as the two main factions of the Dark Lords--those who back religious interests and those who back economic/governmental interests—square off.  Each side assumes it will win and eventually rule the day.   As long as humanity’s working life can be kept separate from its Religious life, they can retain control.  We give notice that spiritual integrity is not based on religious affiliation of any kind.  Spiritual integrity is based on the amount of light intensity an individual holds, which is directly related to their ability to become Love, to become Compassion, to become Light.   There are peoples of integrity in every nation, particularly those called Indigo or Crystalline, who clearly qualify as high degree Light Love masters.



          This statement is being transmitted in the wee morning hours of March 6, 2003.   It is a time of impending war and escalating hostilities.    Those who have assumed charge of the globe’s most powerful nation are taking steps to bring the peoples of smaller countries into subjection.  They have commanding reasons, so they say.  These reasons are broadcast over the airways for all to hear, to persuade for the need to kill and maim the innocent to satisfy their growing lust for war.

            If world leaders would take time to intelligently check all super-dimensional, celestial transcripts beamed earthward from evolved extraterrestrial sources, they would not be able to find one statement supporting their argument that the only way to peace is through aggression.   In spite of their impassioned declaration that God is on their side and that their cause is right and just, they will not be able to support this theory in any written or verbal document sent forth from the Intergalactic High Command, through any ascended master, from any advanced star port, or via any great angelic being.   They will not find any message attributable to any aspect of the Light Brother/Sisterhoods, including clear Ashtar Command transmissions, that argues in favor of pre-emptive war as a means to solve disagreements between nations, groups, or even individual people.  Every message projected to Earth by beings who, we must say are much further advanced than humans, is based on a higher understanding and practice of Universal Law, in terms of social interaction between stellar communities, in science, technology, education, philosophy, and so forth.    You may rightfully ask, ‘Why is this so?’  This is an important question and it is time you thoughtfully considered its implications.

          All Christed beings in service to this planet have taught the precepts of Peace, Love, and Harmony.   All teachings received from Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad or any other highly enlightened master, are based on the necessity to do good, to be good, and to promote the greater good for all living beings.  It is unfortunate that many of the great sayings of celestial entities, sent by God to promote Love, Peace, and Harmony have been twisted, turned, and used by the Dark Lords to promote their particular interests.   Deception has been the rule on Earth, deception practiced by the very individuals who have assumed jurisdictional power over others.   It is a rule of thumb that the Dark Lords use deception and distraction as the most efficient and effective methods to keep a semi-intelligent, cosmically unaware, species under their control.   Thus the Law of One has been corrupted through slight of hand rewording and confusing interpretations of written and oral Law, which ensured that true spiritual enlightenment would rarely occur.   Nevertheless, the teachings of all true spiritual masters are based in the simple tenets of Love, Compassion, and Peace.   It is to humanity’s dismay that they chose to ignore Primary Law in favor of laws they rewrote for themselves, as dictated by nefarious beings known as the Dark Lords, the Fallen Angels, and by names whose energies are so insidious Patricia rightfully refuses to place them in this document.   To do so would be to draw their attention.  However, this one’s work (as are the works of all creative interstellar communicators) is closely monitored and protected by beings who exude qualities of Divine Light Love.

          Earth leaders, do you suppose that your elevated positions exempt you from the Law of One?   That your powerful positions are backed by God and the angelic regions when you state “I am a highly religious man/woman and God is with me,” and then you resort to war, manipulative diplomacy, spying, assassination, and other obnoxious and immature ways to assure your place in history and positions of greed and power?   It is easy to feel that God is on your side and all leaders of every faction declare this is so, if only privately by dictators that keep legions of people in fear and separation, thus denying their country’s citizens any constructive access to God.   Of course, God is on your side.  God is on everyone’s side. God does not take sides.  However, Divine Creator, the Omnipotent, Omniscient One, has placed the simplest rules of conduct in place to guide intelligent species.   That Law is the Law of One.   The Law of One incorporates and allows for great diversity, but it does not allow for that which moves outside the realms of thoughtful consideration for all living beings with whom an individual comes into contact.  In truth, everyone is in contact with all other beings through the interweaving of Divine energies, cords of Light upon which planets and physical manifestation are created.  

         There are times when our writings appear to lack grace and consideration for the difficulties of being human.  We grant this is a rather preachy document, but it is so constructed to place emphasis on the urgent need to stop yourselves in your tracks and take note of what it is you do.   That which seems powerful and necessary is a trick of deception by Lords of Darkness to pull as much energy as possible into their dwindling corner before the Shift of Ages takes place.  That which you witness as aggression and a call to war by men and women who have set themselves the task of “cleansing the Earth of evil” are in fact acting out for those who are calling them to ungodly action.   Any statement made by a world leader that does not call for Peace, for Love, for Consideration, and for solutions to world problems that are not based in sincere diplomacy, compassion, and understanding are not statements made in favor of Universal precepts of Love Light.    Notice is hereby given that any and all who hold positions of authority over others, whether that be as an agent for government, business, or religious persuasion that act not for the greater universal good of all, but rather opt to uphold the contracted interests of a privileged few, are themselves kept under the thumbs of the Dark Lords and are their human pawns.  

         Those in the know are aware of a world organization which we will simply refer to as the Secret Government.   There are other names by which it is known, but they need not be stated here.  They are a gathering of human individuals and darkly motivated extraterrestrials that use manipulative words and deeds to hold positions of assumed authority over not only the human masses, but all other planetary life forms as well.    We will not go into the details of evolutionary planetary patterns, for they are easily discerned by those who care to pay attention to subtle, yet powerful, nuances of Light Love plying over the planet projected to your sun and planet from the core of the Great Central Sun.  This information is well known to awakening star-seeds and holds no mystery for them.   All truly spiritual people unequivocally favor peaceful solutions to humanity’s age old problems.

          In recent months, the already busy regions of Earth’s fifth- and sixth-dimensional skies have seen the arrival of a great number of crystalline merkaba starships.    Humanity is closely monitored.    Everything you think, say, and do is being recorded in the great Akashic Records.   This has always been true, but the imprints within the records, while always exact, have recently been infused with a bold firmness that allows no karmic leeway, as was sometimes given in previous times.   Always at the end of a grand cycle, before the great shift into the next age occurs, the records are purged by the celestial Hierarchy, carefully balanced, and all details considered.   Humanity is leaving the Age of Pisces, an age underscored by horrific, bitter holy wars carried out in the name of religion.  On every side, the common people have endured much torture and enslavement in the name of God; thousands of years of unspeakable suffering since the end of the Atlantean age when humanity succumbed to the delegates of darkness.  The New Age, the so-called Aquarian Age, is to be one that honors the power of manifested thought, of Love Light.  Adherence to Universal Law of Interconnected Oneness will be the only Law sanctioned by peoples who live on evolved, fifth-dimensional Earth.  We have stated many times, all who opt for war and aggressive, non-loving, non-compassionate behavior are slated to be removed to another third-dimensional Earth, where the Law of Free Endeavor will give them free reign to continue their cosmically immature game playing.   

          There is nothing written in this essay that has not be recorded in many star-to-earth documents.  We repeat ourselves ad infinitum as we unceasingly attempt to gain humanity’s attention to the important details of intelligent, mature interspecies and extra-species living.   Yet our soft voices continue to be drowned out by the booming voices of those who are bent on aggression, hatred, and fear.   So be it, but the time nears when such indecent immaturities will no longer be tolerated.   We have indicated many times that Earth is to ascend intact with all who choose to base their lives upon behaving as if the Divine Law of One, of Love Light were the only true law.  The difference between you is easy to discern.   Those who have chosen the ways of light shine as bright as any star and those who have chosen the ways of control, deceit, greed, and preemptive war are like black holes sucking in the energy of everyone around them.   It is best to stay as far away from these people as possible, for their influence is like that of seriously addicted people upon recovering addicts.    It is very difficult to stay clear of their machinations, for they are very good at stating their case and promoting their causes.    Polarities between people have widened to the point where there is little common ground to be found between those who choose hate/war and those who opt for peace/love.   These energies are the only ones playing themselves out on the planet.   The middle road that collective humanity long traveled upon has completely disappeared.  It is very difficult to move from one side to the other, as the contrasts between you have split you to such a degree that only those who are able to muster the energy for a complete physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual restructuring are able to make an effective transfer.

         It is understood that this document is to be read by only a few, and that those few will be those who walk the good road that is paved with blocks of golden Light Love.    Nevertheless, we are imprinting this energy into Patricia’s computer in the early hours of March 6, 2003, to anchor and solidify grids of light constructed from Divine Celestial materials of liquid crystalline substance.   Many others are also recording similar documents during this extremely stressful week.   Through the integrity of human interstellar communicators who are committed to recording words of Light, we are making a solid case for Peace, Love, and Compassion.  These documents are carefully recorded in the Akashic Library where they stand under a banner that imprints the Soul identities of all who have chosen the good road, the path of spiritual enlightenment, and who consider the thoughts, feelings, and eternal rights of every living being as taking precedent, and as being so guided by beings of light, by angelic and celestial guardians of high magnitude.  So be it!



For more than 20 years, Patricia Pereira was a down-to-earth medical transcriptionist and the founder of the Idaho Chapter of the American Association for Medical Transcription. In 1984, her concern for the disappearance of many endangered species drove her to start the Wolf Recovery Foundation, a voluntary organization which helped restore wolves in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks and in Central Idaho.