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This list started when I couldn't remember what year I was where.


Paris 1980 (high school trip)  Joe, Karl, & Sophia were there too.... (for all you grey ghosts!)
London  Aug 1984 college summer  with Ju-Ju. We both had student work Visas.
Boston 1986 to escape from Hyde Park for a year and the University of Chicago
London 1988 working for an Apple VAR called Albion, doing post sales support at Oxford Circus 1.5 years.
Paris 1989 a 7th floor apartment behind the church St. Germain on the left bank.  Shake & Co. The cafe scene.
Greece/Turkey 1988  watch out for those curfew police.  When returned I found a job at Boston University's computer store.
Greece/Yugoslavia/Morocco 1990  (Casablanca, where mom met dad met back in 1958) & Dubrovnik before the war.
London 1992 working for Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO for a year as a network consultant and then to
India  1992  on an academic tour: Hydrabad, Bombay, Bangalore, Ahmedabad
Belgium 1992  Bruges
Netherlands 1992  Utrecht, Amsterdam
Scotland/Wales 1992 the Edinbourough festival. When I returned from Europe I started working at Harvard Business School
New Mexico 1993 Santa Fe, Taos, Albuquerque
St. Martin (French Virgin Island)  1994 Orient Beach, 2 week vacation
Montreal 1994-1996  long weekends mainly, every month I was seeing a Professor at McGill now at UTexas Austin
Miami 1995 Dad's college reunion at the University of Miami.
Costa Rica 1994 & 1995  3 weeks vacation x 2   See the rain forest before it is gone.
Berlin, Germany April 1996 Grundewalde.  I started working for MediaOne as a network engineer in 1996. I'm still there. Now we're called AT&T broadband.
San Francisco 1996 Finn! Beck! The red room....Levis' Christmas bash.
The Rhine Valley Oct 1996: Freiberg, Stuttgart, Heidleberg  & Vienna, Austria  then back to Berlin  100 mph in the slow lane.
Belize 1997 The forests
Peru 1998 (Dec 15- Jan 7th)  Vortex at Machhu Picchu, the Amazon , Cusco, Nazca, the sacred valley of the Incas
Detroit/Ann Arbor (September 15-19) Network analysis
Ojai Valley Resort, CA 1999-  (Oct 1-10) while there, I visited The Theosophical Society 
Hawai'i Oahu, Big Island, Maui, 1999 (Oct 15-31)   A  vacation with the 'rents. 
Florida:   Jacksonville & Pompano  (Jan 2000) Richmond, VA (Feb 2000) A big snow storm.
Mexico 3/2000  a 3 week vacation in San Miguel de Allende, road trip to Mexico City  Photos: Gallery
NYC (Aug 2001) SoHo with Matt for the Lubas Family reunion and Polka Party  just before 9.11

Mexico 11-12/2001  a 4 week vacation to San Miguel de Allende / Puerto Vallarta to visit Finn. See Dottie Cupcake!   Vortex at Santa Maria del Oro

Cross Country Road Trip   On May 4th 2002 I left for a 3 month / 6000 mile road trip to see the USA:

Jersey Shore;  Washington D.C; Maui (with Colleen); Peoria (to visit my folks); Unity Village, Kansas (investigating retreats), Atchison Forest of Friendship; Vesta, NE; Cope CO; Denver, CO (for a meeting with the Crimson Circle); Garden of the Gods; Taos; Santa Fe; Alburquerque, NM; Sho Low, AZ; Hopi Reservation; Sedona,AZ; the Grand Canyon; Las Vegas (the Luxor, of course); Lake Tahoe; Mt. Shasta, CA; Eugene, OR; Seattle, WA; and then.....

I found the place that I was seeking: Sebastopol, CA  July 2002 Come Visit! 


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Trip to Seattle for Shauna's 40th Birthday Party May 7th, 2004