Home Up

So, I guess you're here because a) you don't know me and for some strange reason, are here anyway b) you're currently one of my friends who want to laugh at what I have to say about myself.  Have fun, read on...

At the core I'm an artist, although it's buried under several layers of having to make my practical way in the world. A network engineer since 1988, I doodle a lot in meetings to keep the right side of my brain from distracting the left side. I loved my job but missed filling my life with spontaneous creative-types. I moved from Boston to Northern California where I found more artistic support and allowance of diversity than in Boston. At least in my field (network technology) most of my co-workers are intelligent. If you're a friend wondering what I've been up to all this time, check out my fave places .

on the set with Leo.

with Matthew at the Christmas party 2000

gone slightly feral in 2004 in Sonoma at Armstrong Woods

In front of Ledson in 2014


I don't have much stuff. In fact most of my furniture is recycled from other people's lives - given to me or bought 2nd hand.
Living without attachment to stuff gives me freedom to move around the world without wondering how the lawn is doing-but that said, I try to make my interior spaces aesthetically pleasing.


My ideal space would be a secluded house in the midst of a forest. Perhaps Costa Rica?  Many windows and much interior light with total privacy. The decor would be a showcase of Asian antiquities from Japan and Indonesia with modernist furniture and some well traveled British-colonial pieces thrown in to keep it from feeling too much like the wire monkey in that experiment.
An orb in my room. Hi little guy.  My artistic Dot wants to meet you.       




Home Up